Saturday, April 26, 2014

Still More Songs of Blades and Heroes

Christian and his girls were finally (after more than a few months) make it into town for a game night. WE have missed them so - everyone was pretty excited to get back together and play some games again! I’ve been wanting to introduce them to  Song of Blades and Heroes for a while and am hoping next time we’ll try out Tale of Blades and Heroes


Orcs have been raiding the local area and taken some friends of our heroes as slaves. The Orcs must be dealt with and the slaves freed!


I set out a bunch of figures with individual “stat cards” and told everyone to take a figure or two – but not more than 100 points each…. Between the six players they probably ended up with about 500 points… the orcs I played with totaled 300. It was all just to introduce them to the system… and I didn’t want to go utterly destroying them (like I did with Aaron and his boys Last Week!?)


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I seem to recall the very first move the good guys tried they rolled a turn over… I figured the orcs were still unaware for their presence and let them have another go.

Again they didn’t get through moving all of their guys before someone tripped on a root and alerted the Orcs of their presence.

Orcs spread out through the woods and swamp to meet their attackers.

The Orcs were quickly taken care of… I think the Ogre was the first to be taken down.

The Orc Warboss was a bit more work, but in the end all the orcs were slaughtered, no one on the Good Guys side were seriously injured, and everyone seemed pretty stoked to have another go – or try Tale of Blades and Heroes next time! Huzzah! A win for all in my books!

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A post of an odd assortment of things I’ve been painting this last week or so...  


  1. Sounds like a good introduction to the game for them. I think that's a good way to go, giving them a bit more oopmh to start with. Sort of a "handicap" to the experienced player, lets the newbies to the game learn the game and gives them a chance of prevailing and enjoying the game, without the experienced player having to hold their punches, eh?

    1. The trick is to have enough bad guys to make it seem at least a little dangerous to the characters and seem as though it was at least a bit of a challenge and not a total "cake walk". I think this one found that "sweet spot".