Wednesday, April 2, 2014

French Napoleonic Chasseurs

(and now for something completely different…)

I know what you’re thinking: “Say WHAAAAAAAAAT!?” I am, if nothing else, a sucker for a good deal… Woodrow’s War Store had a sale last summer and these – and all the other Hät 28mm plastics were on for crazy low prices… I think they were $7 a box… I convinced Amanda to pick me up a bunch for my birthday (this year!) and that’s why I’s at 724 28mm Figures Acquired this year already – 12 boxes of 32 plastic figures… French… Prussians… Bavarians…

I’d originally intended these for Napoleonic Wargaming by Neil Thomas – and that is still the plan, for the most part – but I have also since picked up Song of Drums and Shakos and so I thought I’d paint a handful of these up to try that out. I have a few individually based British Riflemen and Highlanders (though the latter need to be painted still…)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

28mm plastic French Napoleonic Chasseurs from Hät.

There is so much wrong with that… plastic… Napoleonic… at least it isn’t 15mm!

Here’s one of them with two other 28mm Napoleonic infantrymen I have painted up – on the left is a figure from Wargames Foundry, and the on the right is an old Minifigs rifleman. The Hät figures are definitely a bit on the slighter side... 

I have enough for a skirmish now!

Finished up eight, a hundred more arrive… Woodrow’s War Store is actually having another blow out sale – so I ordered a shedload of Mantic Games fantasy stuff for the kids and… well.. since I was ordering stuff for them… I picked up a few packs of Warlord games stuff (which also is on sale – much of it 50% off – and a pack of French Napoleonic Voltiguers – I got the Chasseurs and Carabiniers in the last order, but they were out of the volitguers at the time… that pack along is 48 figures!?)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Back to our regularly scheduled programming of A Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy miniature skirmishing! (though at some point I might have a go at Song of Drums and Shakos - if I can find anyone I can convince to play!?) 


  1. Tim - your painting skills really make those HaT guys look good. On the gaming table, I think they look fine next to the Foundry guys. Amazing amount you've amassed too!

    1. Cheers Dean!

      Those are my my feelings, exactly - when you hold two figures up to one another and inspect them closely you can see all sorts of differences... but when there's a couple dozen (or better yet, a couple HUNDRED) mixed together on the tabletop - no one will notice the difference (especially if the basing is reasonably well done and consistent!)