Saturday, April 26, 2014

An Odd Assortment – Naps, SF, Fantasy, etc

Here’s a few odd items I’ve finished painting up over the last week or so…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Napoleonic British Hussar from Renegade Miniatures.

Another Shot of the Hussar. I have five more of these. I'm not really looking forward to painting them. 

Napoleonic British officer from Minifigs.

The trouble with using the Renegade figures with the Minifigs… Next to the Renegade miniatures the Minifigs look like freaking Hobbits!?

Random SF adventurer from Black Hat Miniatures that I picked up for a future Rogue Trader> campaign.

Some Mediaeval/Fantasy adventurers. The fellow on the left is oen of the oldest figures I have – picked up 25+ years ago to play D&D with… I have no idea who the manufacturer was – I stripped a bunch of figures of this era a few years back to repaint… The two in the middle are from Mega Miniatures and the one on the right with the halberd is from Front Rank Figures.

Two Mediaeval/Fantasy Human adventurer casualties – I think they were from Dixon Miniatures.

Two Orc casualties I converted from Mantic figures.

Two Dark Elf Casulaties I converted from old Citadel (Games Workshop) plastic miniatures.

Another Mantic Elf Casualty.

An old Citadel (Games Workshop) Dire Wolf.

Four old Citadel (Games Workshop) Skaven figures.

A while back my friend John gave me his old Skaven WFB army. I took a bunch and rebased them to make a Hordes of the Things Army. The rest I’ve been trying to reorganize lately to paint/repaint to make a couple of warbands for A Song of Blades and Heroes (or Mordheim?). One I figured I’d keep for myself – the other I’ll give back to John. This lot are in the “for me” warband.

A few chairs - I think these were also from Mega Miniatures.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More of the same – paintin’ toys… playi’ games… 


  1. Excellent work, as usual, especially like the Nap' figures and the casualties...

  2. Excellent brushwork on a wide variety of figures, Tim. Renegade are definitely on the large side of 28mm - would make most other makes looks smaller, but the Hinchcliffe takes the prize! :)

  3. Terrific post, the Hussar is artwork. I am going to steal your idea for the old elf model casualties.