Friday, April 11, 2014

MORE French Napoleonic Light Infantry!?

I need to have my head examined… I’m painting napoleonics and it’s not even to play a game with John and/or Curt (which has been my excuse in the past), but for a game neither will likely ever play!?

I definitely have enough to play a decent sized scenario. Perhaps I’ll recruit one (or both) of the kids to try out a scenario of Song of Drums and Shakos over the weekend…?

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

More French Napoleonic Light Infantry from Hät.

Chasseur Officer, Sappeur, and Voltigeur Horn-blower – all from the Chasseur Command Pack.



That’s it for Frenchies (for now…). I have a bunch more Prussian Landwehr and a few plastic Prussian Line Infantry (from Hät) to paint up. I also have a big box of assorted Napoleonic Minifigs I picked up at the Fallcon auction a few years back for $5 (I thought if nothing else I could melt them down…). There isn’t enough of them to make big units, but could give me a few more skirmish options. Here’s a few French Line, some Russians, a few british… some other stuff I can’t identify… 

Speaking of Prussian Landwehr….

Another sample Prussian Landwehr from Warlord Games.

I’m still not sure which facing to use… Maybe I’ll try one in Green next…

Here are a few of the aforementioned mystery figures

Okay these ones aren’t that much of a mystery – they’re British Foot Guards in Bearskins… They were in with the box of Napoleonics, but I’d always thought the bearskins more of a Crimean War thing… But then I noticed the code BN... British Napoleonic... So when and where would there have been foot guards wearing bearskins during the Napoleonic wars?

These are the guys that I really can’t identify. I’m not even sure if they’re Minifigs – most minifigs have a code on the top of their base – which helped me identify a few of the others. These do not. They may have a code on the bottom of the base but hey are all glues to this awful board with super hard glue. These have almost more of a Seven Year War look – mitre caps and what looks like full leg gaiters…? Any ideas?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Game reports… The end of the SoBH campaign and hoppefully a game of Song of Drums and Shakos.

More painting… I’ll probably finish up a handful of Prussians… Maybe I should pick up some cavalry to use in Sone of Drums and Shakos… perhaps a pack or two of Perry British and French cavalry…?

More Terrain… I’ve been working on a few more terrain boards – I’ve actually completed a few new ones and haven’t even taken pictures of them  - though I’ve been taking lots of picture ON one of them – I’ve been using it for all the figure pictures I’ve been doing lately. It’s a 2x2 board which is big enough to hold a unit and provide a bit of a background – but not so unwieldy – for carrying in and out of doors - as the bigger 3x3 boards! 


  1. The furry hats were worn by fusiliers like the Royal Welch in the period... but the figures below look like they are light infantry from the AWI onwards...?

  2. Garrison SYW Prussian Fusileers?
    If they are very slight small 25mm then they are Garrison figures....look like them.

  3. Nice Legere. I also thought the last mystery figs were AWI-ish

  4. Really like those Hat legere, top painting and the landwehr fellow has plenty of character too. They will all look great in your coming skirmish games, we'll look forward to the promised reports!

  5. I was going to suggest AWI or SYW Hessian fusiliers. The upturned moustasche being the clue, though they certainly could be Prussian.