Thursday, September 8, 2016

September Challenge – Week One

It’s September and we’ve got a bit of a tradition going in our household. For the last three years we’ve tried to play a game every day in September. The first year it was any game – so we had a lot of recurring short games played just before bedtime. Last year we changed it to a DIFFERENT game every day for the month - 30 games in 30 days. This year we are doing the same.

30 Games in 30 Days – Week One

Day One - Thursday, 1 September 2016 – Monty Python Fluxx

I had hoped to start the month off with Broken Legions, but after getting it all set up we ended up not having enough time to play. Instead we played a quick game of Monty Python Fluxx. I think this is my favourite of the Fluxx games – the theme really fits the silly, chaotic nature of the game. Amanda hates it. Moslty because she hasn’t seen much Monty Python and just doesn’t get it.

Two of Amanda’s least favourite cards. Luckily she wasn’t around for the game.

Day Two - Friday, 2 September 2016 – Broken Legions

You can read about this game in a separate blog post:

Day Three - Saturday, 3 September 2016 –Agricola

Our friend Brent came over to play Agricola with us. I really like the five-player game. Had way more fun at this than the last couple games. Amanda still crushed us all… but it was still super fun. I say SHE should take over the gardening in our yard, she’s clearly got the theory down.

Day Four - Sunday, September 2016 –  Race for the Galaxy (and others)

A Quick game of Race for the Galaxy before we sat down and watched The Martian – which I’d picked up at the library the day before.

This is a favourite of ours. Probably because you kind of just do your own thing and then count up your points when someone triggers the end game. There isn’t a lot of messing with each other.

Not my highest scoring game, but I still did pretty awesome! There were first goals for both Uplift and Alien and when I drew the genetics windfall start world, I thought I’d be going for Uplift stuff… but then I couldn’t stop picking up Alien stuff?!  In the end I took BOTH the Alien and Uplift first goals – but it was the Alien stuff I totally crushed it with… 

Earlier in the day I went over to my friend John’s and played a couple games. First, we played Railways of North America (above)…

…and then we got in a game of Power Grid.

They weren’t played with the family, so they don’t really count… but I played them. They were fun… Railways and Power Grid are on my list of games to play this month - so hopefully I'll get to have another go at them with the family. 

Day Five - Monday, 5 September 2016 –Star Wars: The Force Awakens RPG

The Boy ran his very first role-playing game ever!

He actually picked up Star Wars: Edge of the Empire a few months back and was excited about running that for a bit, but then interest sort of trailed off and we got busy doing other things. But then when we were at the Sentry Box in Calgary he picked up the Force Awakens Beginner Game set and read through that over the last few weeks and then ran it for us. It went pretty good.

Day Six - Tuesday, 6 September 2016 – Retro Loonacy

Tuesday ended up being a bit of a gong show. We started our home0schooly activities and then decided to ride out to the Saskatoon Zoo for the (Not Going) Back to School picnic. Afterwards we stopped in at the Co-op Home Centre to pick up some stuff for some urgent home repairs, then we popped into the Dragon’s Den (our FLGS) where The Girl, inspired by her brother running Star Wars the day earlier, decided to pick up the Shadowrun Core Rulebook (a while back she picked up the Beginner Box - and is going to run that for us this Saturday! – but decided she is forsure going to run MORE of it and should just go ahead and get the Core Rulebook…). Then WE stopped in at a music store to get a new tuner for our violins (and accidentally bought one for a guitar/bass…. But that’s a whole other story) and then stopped in at the Grocery store for some food… THEN we had to ride home and MAKE supper in time for Amanda and the Girl to get out to their Karate class and then The Boy was going out to play D&D 5E at King Me Boardgamery (which is conveniently just a few blocks away)…

So How to get a game in there…?

Well I ended up playing a couple of two-player games of Retro Loonacy with The Boy before he ran off to play D&D

And then I played a few more games with Amanda and The Girl when they got home from Karate…. So… we didn’t all play together… but we did all play the same game on the same day….

Day Seven - Wednesday, 7 September 2016 –  Smash Up

I don’t love Smash Up like I used to. The kids still do. So we played it.

I played Mystical Ponies from Innsmouth. They worked out pretty good.

Day Eight - Thursday, 8 September 2016 –Ra

Finally we played Ra this afternoon. WE actually played this at the tail end of August and it turned out remarkably the same last The Girl and I were within points of each other (50+/-) and The Boy had half as many points as us (~20)?!

Surprisingly, no one bid on this second last auction of the game… I can’t figure out why…?!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Just finishing up some more Great War Canadians – should have pictures of them up tomorrow. 


  1. 30 games in 30 days is a marathon and not for the faint of heart. An enjoyable long distance endeavor, nevertheless. I look forward to seeing what is up next.

    1. Thanks Jonathan!

      I'd meant to add our "to Play" list to the post, but forgot. The kids and I each came up with a list of 10 games we hoped to play this month (so we'd each get to play at least a few of the games we've been wanting to play). Ah well... I guess this way it will be more of a surprise!

      I'm excited we actually got role-playing and miniatures into the mix this year - I think the last two years it was all board and card games.