Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Yes, Dwarves… AND an Elf…

While rebasing the highland dwarves (mentioned in the previous post) I realized painting just three more would finish off another unit for Dragon Rampant… so… I kind of painted a few Dwarves over the weekend. (This may become a regular feature of the blog – painting something “fun” in between painting stuff for the Vimy project as in nears the end and starts to feel like a bit of a “chore”…)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Three newly painted Highland Dwarves and a Horn Blower for a Mountain Dwarf Unit. The Highalnd dwarves are from Old Glory… and I think the hornblower might be from Essex Miniatures?

These are the three units I have complete so far for the Highland Dwarf Warband I am building for Dragon Rampant.

The Highland Dwarves will likely all be classified as Bellicose Foot. I’m kind of torn about the rest of the force. I had thought of making one unit an “elite” unit of them and add “Terrifically Shiny Armour” to give them a bit more staying power on the battle field… but that would make one unit 6 points and the rest would be 4 points and that doesn’t add up to a nice neat 24 points. I mostly wanted to do that because one of the units is made up of West Wind Productions Highland Dwarves – which are considerably bulkier and meaner looking than these (which are from Old Glory)… I may just do six units of Bellicose Foot… but I am FOUR FIGURES SHORT of being able to complete such a force… dammit…

This is the unit the Horn blower was painted for – the Dwarven Jarl and bodyguards for the “Mountain Dwarf” Dragon Rampant warband… Originally I was going to leave it with the five others (saying the Jarl himself is worth 2 strength points) but when I line up the units in the storage box and all the others are 6 or 12… the unit of five just looked out of place (does that seem a bit OCD…? I’m probably a bit OCD…).

I also finished up this Elf Champion – the figure is an old Celtos figure, which are currently available through  Brigade Models - I actually just ordered a few more Elf archers to finish up a second unit of them for another Dragon Rampant warband.

The warband will be made up entirely of Celtos “Sdihe” figures. It will include two units of archer (Light Missile, Sharpshooters @6), two units of spear (light foot, @3), and this fellow as a single figure (or perhaps reduced figure - I might have a standard bearer and musician that could join him…?) unit of Elite Foot (@6 points). I also have a goofy looking magician for the force that I could potentially use (not sure how I’d rearrange the force to field him, though…).

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Well with that all out of my system, hopefully I get on to finishing up the 4th and 5th Canadian Brigades for the Vimy Project!! 


  1. Nice, the highland dwarves look particularly good.
    Best Iain

  2. All gamers are at least a little bit OCD mate. We organise things into units, brigades, ranks, warbands and more. We make lists, assign point values and work hard to make them into nice round numbers. We organise our paints, paint units or even armies in the same colours, collect whole sets of things of all kinds of things, etc. etc. etc. You can't be that bad or you'd have said CDO, not OCD :-)