Thursday, July 18, 2019

Assault on Ynysafallon

Orion stopped by for another game of Apocalypse on Wednesday evening... and this time he brought his KNIGHTS!!

Ynysafallon - Imperial World
Without warning, The forces of the Biel-Tim Fleet fell upon the Sons of Lott Questor Imperialis Household as they rested at Ynysafallon. The Knights and their squires barely had time to mount their machines of war before taking fire from the Aeldari. they were suddenly in a desperate fight of the Honour of the household - and their very lives! 

Aeldari Forces of the Biel-Tim Fleet

Asuryani Battalion Detachment - Biel-Tim Fleet (as Biel-Tan) 
Farseer - 4 PL - War Master
Warlock - 3 PL

Dire Avengers (5) - 4 PL
Dire Avengers (5) - 4 PL
Dire Avengers (5) - 4 PL
Dire Avengers (5) - 4 PL

Howling Banshees (5) - 5 PL

Asuryani Battalion Detachment - Biel-Tim Fleet (as Biel-Tan) 
Autarch (+ Warp Jump Generator) - 6PL - Warlord

Rangers (5) - 5 PL
Rangers (5) - 5 PL
Rangers (5) - 5 PL

Fast Attack
Warp Spiders (10) - 12 PL

Asuryani Spearhead Detachment - Biel-Tim Fleet (as Biel-Tan) 
Warlock - 3 PL  - Warlord

Wraithguard (5) - 8PL

Heavy Support 
Wraithlord (Bright Lance) - 6PL
Wraithlord (Missile Launcher) -  6PL
Wraithlord (Scatter Laser) -  6PL

Asuryani Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachment - Biel-Tim Fleet (as Biel-Tan)
Lord of War
T'chylmylwynbil - Tempest Heavy Grav-Tank (as Scorpion) - 30 PL

Asuryani Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachment - Biel-Tim Fleet (as Biel-Tan)
Lord of War
Dilytichylmywil -Tempest Heavy Grav-Tank (as Scorpion) - 30 PL

Asuryani Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachment - Biel-Tim Fleet (as Biel-Tan)
Lord of War
Mwalatacyndil - Tempest Heavy Grav-Tank (as Scorpion) - 30 PL

Aeldari Total: 180 Power Level

The Sons of Lott - Questor Imperialis Household 

Super Heavy Detachment - The Sons of Lott
Lord of War
Sir Gawaine - Knight Valliant - 30PL
Mordred the Bastard - Knight Gallant - 25PL
Pertolope the Green - Armiger Warglaive - 9PL

Super Heavy Detachment - The Sons of Lott
Lord of War
Sir Agrarian - Knight Crusader - 29PL
Sir Garrett - Knight Errant - 24
Ironside the Red - Armiger Warglaive - 9PL

Super Heavy Detachment - The Sons of Lott
Lord of War
Sir Gaheris - Knight Castellan - 30PL
Perymones the Puce - Armiger Helverin - 9PL
Persaunte the Indigo - Armiger Helverin - 9PL

Questor Imperialis Total: 174 Power Level


Orion was keen to try the Pincer Attack scenario (which I had played last week as the defender). As my force had the higher Power Level, I was the attacker!

Rolling for Warmaster traits, my farseer got Fearsone Reputation (Enemy units -1 Ld when within 6") - wasn't sure that was going to be all that useful, considering how squishy my HQ units are! Th Imperial Knights Faction ability is that each leader in a Super Heavy Detachment gains the WARLORD key word and gains a Warmaster trait. The warlord that is designated Warmaster gains TWO Warmster traits! So, Sir Gawiane (the Warmaster) gained Master Strategist (Increase hand limit of Command Assets to 12) AND Master Crafted Weapons (+1 to Wound Rolls - which was BRUTAL!), Sir Agrovain gained Inspiring Presence (+1 Ld for friendly units within 12"), and Sir Gaheris also gained Fearsome Reputation.

All three of the Knight Super Heavy detachments were deployed on the table in a 18" wide area down the centre of the table. Then I deployed all the Eldar in 9" deployment zones along the short edges of the table - and left the Battalion detachment with the Autarch, Warp Spiders and Rangers in Reserve.


Despite rolled a d6 to my d12, the Knights gained the initiative for the first turn (and a bonus d3 Command Asset Cards) this was very, very bad for me...

The Battalion detachment with the Autarch, Warp Spiders and Rangers arrive to secure an objective. I was DESPREATELY hoping they might be able to go BEFORE being shot to bits... but with the Knights winning the initiative, that was kind of a silly hope... At least in apocalypse they aren't IMMEDIATELY removed and some get to shoot back!

Sir Gawaine in his Knight Valliant (on the right), along with  Mordred the Bastard in his Knight Gallant (on the left) and Pertolope the Green in his Armiger Warglaive (Trailing behind them) activated his detachment first.

(I'm mildly disappointed that Sir Pertalope's Armiger wasn't painted all green...)

(very mildly - I was just so excited to face a whole army of such beautifully painted knights!)

(Well... almost all beautifully painted)

Mordred the Bastard advanced towards the Wraith Detachment, blasting away at them with Heavy Stubber and Icarus Autocannons - with little effect.

Sir Gawain and Pertolope the Green advanced on the Rangers and Warp Spiders and laid down some serious hurt on them! So many blast markers!

Luckily I got to activate next and got my other battalion - which also had troops in the open to start!

I got them into the defensible terrain of woods (and controlling one of the objective markers!). They took some pot shots at the knights with there Shuriken weapons, but only managed to get eerie attention

Banshees practising How Not to be Seen!

Sir Agravain, on the right, in his Knight Crusader (with Avenger Gatling Cannon, Thermal Cannon, and a Rocket pod), Sir Garrett, on the left, in his Knight Errant (with Thermal Cannon and a Reaper Chainsword), and Ironside the Red, between and slightly to the read, in his Armiger Warglaive.

The Lance advanced on the Aeldari - Thermal cannons were fired at Dilytichylmywil - the Eldar Tempest Heavy Grav-Tank. While smaller weapons and the Avenger Gatling Cannon were directed at the Dire Avengers in the woods.

Yikes! Dire avengers surrounded by Knights - Sir Garrett's Reaper Chainsword was used to clear cut the woods and Sir Agravian tried to stomp on a few of the little blighters that tried to escape to the other side of the woods.

The wounded Warp Spider and Rangers ducked into the adjacent ruins - and managed to land some telling blows on Pertolope the Green's Warglaive

Sir Gaharis and Persaunte the Indigo hammered on the Rangers and Warp Spiders in the ruins as well as taking some shots at Mwalatacyndil with Perymones the Puce.

The Wraithguard took up firing positions in the ruins while the Wraithlords advanced on Mordred the Bastard - and the Objective Marker.

T'chylmylwynbil, the Tempest Heavy Grav-Tank fired on Sir Gaharis causing some potentially critical damage

Mwalatacyndil returned fire at Perymones the Puce.

Dilytichylmywil fired upon Sir Agravain.

In the Damage phase Mordred sloughed off his damage markers from eh Wraiths. Sir Argavain failed saves versus both large and small blast markers inflicted by Dilytichylmywil. Sir Gaharis used Armour of Contempt to save him from the four large blast markers T'chylmylwynbil had left on him, and Perymones the Puce was utterly destroyed!

Two units of Dire Avengers, along with the Warp Spiders and two units of Rangers were rendered combat ineffective by the severe blows dealt against them, the shattered remnants of these units endeavoured to slip away amongst the smoke and fog of war to the rally point for extraction through the webway. All three Tempests took damage from the fire of the Knights... None of them critically... yet.

I ended the turn controlling THREE of the Objective markers! Two because of troops with Objective Secured, and the third because I had two Wraithlords within 6" to one solitary Knight. Troops with objective secured could be a serious throw in the side for knights... if they could survive long enough!


At least I got the initiative this round...

Before even activating anything I started off with a few Command Asset cards - my Autarch hurled a vortex grenade at Pertolope the Green - but did minimal damage...

I also used the Guide psychic power and Swordwind on the Wraith... which did basically nothing, due to excessively bad dice rolls... it could have been nasty - the WRaithguard were rolling d12s to hit and any hit counted as two - and their weapons are Destroyer weapons that leave Large Blast Markers for each wound... but they did NOTHING!

Sir Gawaine's Lance used the Full Tilt Command asset to do some serious maneuvering and tried to bring the pain to the Wraiths, that were turning out to be a serious thorn in their side (and, if they could roll anything but ones, potentially a serious threat!?) When the dust settled from their activation each of the Wraithlords had at least two Large Blast markers on them!

Mwalatacyndil and T'chylmylwynbil poured fire on Sir Gaheris, while Gaheris and Persaunte the Indigo returned some fire, but mostly hammered the Rangers in the ruins! Mwalatacyndil snuck forwards to take control of one of the Objective markers.

Sir Agravain and his lance continued to try and winkle the remaining Dire Avengers and Howling Banshees out of the woods

Orion having almost as bad or luck with the dice rolls as me - just couldn't get those Dire Avengers contesting the Objective!

Dilytichylmywil fired upon Sir Agravain again.

The Dire avengers and Howling Banshees fought back relentlessly - and actually scored some hits on Ironside the Red.

in the Damage Phase, Sir agravain took two more damage (for a total of four) luckily he passed morale as a failure would have carried him off the field of battle. Sir Gaheris also took two damage - having no more Armour od Contempt to save him. Ironside the Red and Persaunte the Indigo each took one Damage.

Mwalatacyndil was too severely damaged to participate in the battle further (losing control of an Objective Marker), while Dilytichylmywil was reporting critical damage. Another of the squads of Dire Avengers - NOT the one contesting the Objective - was taken out of action as was one of the Wraithlords. A second Wraith lord took one damage. The Warlock leading the Wraith detachment had suffered Perils of the Warp and was no longer able to continue.

Again, the Eldar were holding three of the Objective Markers (Objective Secured and Defensible Terrain FTW!) gaining the Eldar a second Victory Point! But knocking out Mwalatacyndil took out a detachment, so the Knights also scored a Victory Point!


The Eldar once again had the initiative and started off playing a pile of Command Asset cards. The Farseer used Smite on Sir Agravain. Tears of Isha was used to return a lost wound to the Wraithguard. Qucken was used to get the Farseer and Warlock moving - so they could consolidate their position in the woods with the remaining squad of Dire Avengers. and the Conceal psychic powers was used on said Dire Avengers. Orion has used Laserburn and that put blast markers on the Farseer and Warlock... I had a bad feeling they'd be out soon, hence using all the psychic powers I could!!

The Farseer and Warlock (and Dire Avengers) went first - to get the Farseer and Warlock back into cover before the Knights acted and blasted them to bits... The Warlock actually managed to damage Ironside the Red with his Witchblade.

Mordred the Bastard continued to hammer on the remaining Wraihtlords with his Thunderstrike Gauntlet - and the Wraithlords struck back with their wraith bone fists and the Wriathguard fired into the melee with their Wraithcannons! Sir Gawaine unleashed a flurry of fire on the Ruins in an attempt to finish off the Rangers and Autarch taking cover within. Pertalope the Green tore at the building with his chainglaive.

When Sir Agravain activated his lance and started firing on Dilytichylmywil, I used Phantasm (and Asuryani Command Asset to move him... elsewhere... unfortunately he was still in range and view of others and so still got hammered on (if it survived, the tank would control an objective marker, though...)

Sir Agravain, Ironside the Red and Sir Gareth all hammered on the Dire Avengers and Farseer in the woods.

T'chylmylwynbil raced forward and RAMMED Persaunte the Indigo and shot him with their starannon while blasting Sir Gaheris with the Twin-Pulsar.

Sir Gaheris mostly fired at Dilytichylmywil, who returned the fire - both grievously damaging each other.

In the Damage Phase... Sir Agravain was lost! As was Ironside the Red - he actually passed his save, but failed morale - because Farseer Thymiltelyir - the Warmaster with the Fearsome Reputation was there within 6"!! (and I thought that would never be used!). Sir Gaheris and Persaunte the Indigo were also lost - which finished off a Super Heavy Detachment (+3 Victory Points for me, for a total of FIVE!). Mordred the Bastard also took two Damage...

The Last of the Dire Avengers was lost along with the Farseer, but the Warlock managed to survive! T'chylmylwynbil was also damaged and I had to use a Divine Intervention Command Asset to keep him on the table! Dilytichylmywil had sustained too much damage and was put out of the fight (+1 Victory Point for the Knights - for a total of two). The last of the Rangers also made their retreat - carrying of their wounded and dead.

At this point two of the Objectives were contested, and the Eldar held one - so one more Victory Point for the Eldar (for a total of SIX!)

Things weren't looking good for the knights at this point... but my hold on things were tenuous - at best! Two of my detachments were reduced to a single character model (that probably wouldn't last long) and T'chylmylwynbil was damaged (though not critically, yet) and the two Wraithlords were down to one wound each... so... that's four detachments that could easily be finished off (+4 Victory Points) and deny me the ability to hold objectives... the knights, on the other hand, had Sir Garret still looking strong, and Sir Gawain's entire lance was still on the field of battle and fighting hard!


Turn four was quick and brutal... The Eldar DID have the initiative, for what it was worth...

Over at one objective it was Adrellewi the Warlock  and his Witchblade - striking from the woods - versus Sir Gareth and his clearcutting Reaper Chainsword and a whole pile of dakka... you can imagine how that went...

Mordred the Bastard laid the smack down hard on the remaining Wraithlords.

T'chylmylwynbil shot at... someone.. I forget who and didn't make note of it...?

In the Damage Phase T'chylmylwynbil took two damage and failed a morale test which was enough to say "nope!" and bugger off to the rally point (+1 Victory Point for the Knights). The Autarch was finally taken out of action - after reviewing the full blast of Sir Gawain's Thundercoil Harpoon - finishing of that Detachment (+1 Victory Point for the Knights). Adrellewi the Warlock amazingly passed all save rolls - but failed morale and decided to call it a day... finishing of that Detachment (+1 Victory Point for the Knights). The last two WRaithlords were also finished off... which lost them control of that Objective.

Pertolope the Green controlled another objective.

and Sir Gareth controlled a third...

Controlling three objectives gained the Knights ANOTHER Victory Point - tying the game at SIX VICTORY POINTS EACH! What a round for the knights...

As the only thing I had left on the table was the critically wounded unit of Wraithguard and there was no way they could either single-handedly control more objectives than the knights and/or finish off another detachment on the fifth and final turn... they decided to call it a day as well and retreated from the field of battle.

What a game!!! A nail-biter right to the end! After Other Tim's Marines conducted a rather one-sided genocide of my Eldar in our last game, I was rather convinced that they were utterly useless in this game and wouldn't have a chance, ever... but this game me... well... some glimmer of hope!

Thanks to Orion for bringing out his fun and fluffy knights for the game (get that last Lance painted, yo!!)

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I'm hoping to get a game in with Finnegan and his Orks tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully there will be a report for that.

I also just learned that one of my oldest gaming pals, that I haven't seen in... a decade(!?) will be in town this weekend and is looking to meet up for a game - so hopefully there will be a report on that as well!

On the painting front... I'm all over the place!? I've been doing a bit of work on Necromunda gangs and my own knights and Imperial guard... and getting none of it finished!? Not sure what will get done first... or done at all...


  1. Looks like a great game, the Knights seem like fun and your Eldar look excellent! Not enough time for painting and gaming?
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain!

      It was totally fun playing with the knights. It's really gotten me motivated to work on some of my own!

      Apocalypse was made for playing with the Super Heavies!

      If I was smart, I'd be working on the Eldar TITANS - so we could do some Titan on Titan gaming... Ah, well. Have to go where the heart leads, otherwise it just becomes WORK!