Monday, August 12, 2019

Adeptus Arbites

Last spring I painted up a bunch of old I-Kore Void figures and called them "Adeptus Arbites". In truth, they would be better stand-ins for Local Enforcers... The Adeptus Arbites, I have since figured out, are more like a "Federal" police force - like the FBI in the United States or the RCMP in Canada (except that the RCMP are also detailed to do local law enforcement in large parts of rural Canada...), whereas Enforcers are more like local/municipal police forces.

I imagine the Adeptus Arbites, though there certainly would be some posted on Necromunda, would give very little care for anything going on in the Underhive - they would be keeping their eye on Lord Helmawr and the big movers and shakers in the upper hive or spire that might be committing Imperial crimes... I guess they might show up in the Underhive to chase down a particularly nasty criminal that's tried to elude Imperial justice by escaping downhive.

Adeptus Arbites! Most of these are old metal models from Citadel Miniatures on newer Sector Imperialis bases. The Robodogs/Cyber-Mastiffs are resin models from Artel W (also on GW Sector Imperialis bases!).

Perhaps they'll see occasional action in Necromunda - on the hunt for some real baddies... or perhaps Kill Team (possibly fielded as Tempestus Scions?)....? Or in regular 40K as acolytes of an Inquisitor...? Or in Wrath & Glory!

Here's what the patrol looks like for Necromunda (as that's what I'm mostly obsessing over at the moment!)...

Chief Inspector Butterman (as Palanite Captain - Leader) Hardened Flack Armour, Armoured Undersuit, Stub Gun, Respirator, Enforcer Shotgun (with Salvo and Shredder rounds)
235 Credits

Constables Walker, Fisher, Thatcher, and Turner (as Palanite Patrolmen - Ganger) - each with: Flack Armour, Armoured Undersuit, Stub Gun, and Enforcer Shotgun (with Salvo and Shredder rounds).
130 Credits (each)

Constables Angel and Butterman (as Palanite Patrolmen - Ganger), each with: Flack Armour, Armoured Undersuit, Stub Gun, and Enforcer Boltgun.
140 Credits (each)

Constables Cartwright and Wainwright (as Palanite Subjugators - Gangers) Layered Flack Armour and Armoured Undersuit, Stub Gun, Subjugator Pattern Grenade Launcher (with Frag and Stun grenades)
130 Credits (each)

Saxon and Sampson - Cyber-Mastiffs! For some reason Enforcers in Necromunda aren't normally allowed Cyber-Mastiffs!? (unless they want a glitchy, rare "hacked" cyber-mastic!) As the Arbites, when they show up, will likely be NPC nemeses in a GM-run scenario, I can basically give them whatever they want, right? 100 credits each - they will likely be assigned to Constable Walker and Chief Inspector Butterman.

It took me a while to do these as I couldn't settle on a paint scheme. I didn't want to do them all in black. Originally I'd done one as a test in black with only red and gold accents - but it was TOO MUCH RED... so I tried painting the  pauldrons and helmet white... but then the looked, to me, more like paramedics! So I tried a could other schemes on other guys (white pauldrons with red helmets, etc) and eventually settled on mostly red accents with shiny steel helmets.

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Whew! It's been a busy week... I'm not entirely sure what is coming up next... could be an actual GAME of Necromunda!? Or some more Gangers or Hive Scum...? Or anything 40K-ish, really!


  1. Hmmm, Chief Inspector Butterman and Constable Butterman, eh?

    Nice paint job! I like the colors. I know what you mean about trying to figure out a color scheme though. That can really get me hung up on painting figures sometimes.

    1. Thanks!

      Ha! Yes, it's Chief Inspector Frank Butterman. Constable Butterman is his son, Danny. I wanted to write up a bit more background and explain these things... but was feeling a bit tired and worn out and just wanted to get it posted and skipped that bit...


  2. Lovely work on your lawmen! I like the rounds on the floor and the cyber mastiffs are fab!
    Best Iain

  3. I like these a great deal. Time to deal with some perps !!!

  4. I definitely got an RCMP vibe from these so that's excellent.

    1. With the red? Yeah, I guess. Perhaps I should have added some stetsons!

    2. Paint the top of the helmets a mid-brown and you're good to go.