Sunday, March 20, 2011

Age of Conan

Carrying on with my endeavor to play some of these board games I've acquired over the last couple years... I busted out Age of Conan this afternoon. (Age of Conan at BGG).

Age of Conan image is ©2009 Fantasy Flight Games (used here without their permission)


Rick, Jackson and Mr. Miller joined me. I played Aquilonia, Mr. Miller had Hyperboria in the North, Jackson played Turan in the east and Rick played Stygia in the South.

We ended up only play to the end of the second age. We didn't get started until around 2PM (As I was still reading the rules when everyone arrived... then had to try and explain them to everyone...) and then had to call it quits around 6 because Jackson had to leave. I think next time around should go quicker now that I've sort of figured out how the game works... as for strategy however...? It seems to me I should have been more aggressive militarily and defeating and subjugating provinces is what really racks up the victory points.

I have a feeling it will be something I play more often that Warrior Knights.

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  1. I love this game. I am a huge Conan fan anyway but I like the way this game plays as well. Once you know the rules it moves fairly quickly which is nice considering how large it looks.