Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great War ANZACs

I recently picked up a bunch of Great War “dismounted Australian Light Horse” (as well as some mounted). Upon the arrival of the dismounted troops I was wondering if they were indeed dismounted light horse as the equipment didn’t seem quite right – mostly wearing trousers rather than breeches they look to be wearing in most photos and uniform plates. They also have 1908 pattern webbing rather than the bandoleer-type equipment I thought the Light Horse used. I looked them up on Brigade Games web site and these are indeed listed as dismounted Light Horse. I’m guessing they picked up regular infantry kit when fighting dismounted for a prolonged time – like at Gallipoli.

The other thing I’m not entirely sure about is the colour here. The colour pics I can find on the web show them in anything from brown-iah khaki to green-ish/brown-ish khaki to quite green-ish khaki…. So I’ve done these chaps in a green-ish Khaki as I have a lot mixed up for the WW2 Canadian battle dress… It may not be entirely accurate… but I do like taking a break from the common tan and brown khakis

Hopefully Helen will be along shortly to set me straight…

As mentioned these are a couple of Australian Light Horse from Brigade Games. Really nice figures, lots of character. I have about 30 dismounted and 10 mounted – with another 8 dismounted and 10 more mounted on the way, in the post.

I have no real need to get these done... I just thought I’d paint a couple up to see how they look. You know how it is…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably more High Martians…?


  1. Colour is always such a crap shoot. Dye lots, sun bleaching, dirt, submarines torpedoing the drycleaning ship. Hell, these boys are just luck to have pants. Paint'em as you like. Nice job, btw.

  2. That's always been my theory, Bob! You can't put a million guys in a khaki uniform and expect them to all look exactly the same.

    I just have to think back to my Reserve days - in the age of Pantone Color Matching Systems and there was STILL wild variations in the shade of olive drab we wore...

  3. The Brigade figures are indeed Lighthorse at Gallipoli. Kitted up light.

    I tend to favour the green uniform on the right although both look good and both are uniform correct.

    Very nice.