Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chaos in the Old World

Messrs. Miller and Burt wandered over here this evening to play a little Chaos in the Old World (@BGG).

Image is ©2009 Fantasy Flight Games (used without permission).

They have both raved at me about how great it is for some time and we finally got in a game. It was fun.

John and Other Tim plotting how best to corrupt the inhabitants of the Old World

Where it all went down.

John played Khorne – which are pretty BAD ASS - Tim Miller played Nurggle, and I played Slaneesh. There’s a lot to the game and I had no idea what I was doing… but I ended up sharing victory with John – despite Tim having waaaaaaay more vistory points 54+, John and I won by… um… the rotating disc thiniges… um… yeah… don’t count on me for a detailed board game report.

We played. It was fun.

I think John let me win so I’d play it with him again… I totally would... (even if I hadn't won)!


  1. There are three ways of winning CitOW; dial advancement (the rotating dial thingies), exceeding 50 points at the end of one turn or having five ruined areas and then total points wins. Dial advancement takes precedence.

    What happened is that Tim and I both hit our "God Wins" places at the same time so we (the two of us) went by total points on the scoring track. I managed to ruin and dominate The Empire as the second ruined area on the final turn. It scored me 14 points and allowed me to catch and tie Tim B for points. Since we were both at the dial advancement victory conditions, we tied in overall score.

    If Tim M, had not ruined Norska on the final turn, Tim B would have scored 6 less points and I would have scored 3 less, giving me an outright win.

    I also had to kill some of Tim M's cultists in the Border Princes to ensure that area was not ruined or Tim B would have won outright as (Tim B) would have scored 17 more.

    So to sum up a long explanation, I managed to leverage a tie, and cheat Tim B of outright victory.

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