Interwar/Pulp Adventure Gallery

Here will be pictures of 28mm Pulp Adventure Heroes and Villains, investigators and horrors, as well as perhaps soldiers from any number of civil wars that took place between 1918 and 1939; Spanish, Russian, "very British", etc...

To start us off...

US Rocket Corps

Us Rocket Corps figures from Pulp Figures.

Police Forces

Sgt Preston of the Yukon - from Pulp Figures.

More Mounties - these ones are from Tiger Miniatures

More Mounties - with Rifles - also from Tiger Miniatures

American Police. The front row of these are all from Steve Barber Models 25mm Prohibition line, the send row are, I believe, all old Grenadier Models Call of Cthulhu figures...?

The Peelers - all from Artizan Designs (oh, except one that's from Wargames Foundry!). Why on earth do I have so many Bobbies? good question. "It seemed like a good idea at the time?"I think maybe I had been thinking these would be fun to have in quantity for Very British Civil Wargaming...?

Pulp Heroes and Characters

Film Crew from Pulp Figures.

Villains, Monsters, Minions, and Horrors

There's a fai bit of overlap between Pulp Horror and Victorian Horror and in many cases I wasn't sure which gallery to put things in, so do also check out the 28mm Victorian Era Gallery for more Victorian Horrors!

The Red Skull from Pulp Figures.

Generic Cultists in Red Robes - these are actually figures I modelled, moulded and cast myself... (you can never have too many cultists!)

Yetis - West Wind Productions

Sasquatch - Reaper Miniatures

Cybernetic Ape - Reaper Miniatures

Lovecraftian Monsters, Minions, and Cosmic Horrors 

Prepare to make some Sanity Rolls!

Ghouls from Citadel Miniatures/Games Workshop.

Deep One Hybrids from Rattrap Productions.

Fish Men/Deep Ones from Black Tree Design 

Esoteric Order of Dagon - more of the home made cultists.

Formless Spawn from Reaper Miniatures.

Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath from Grenadier Models

Tsathoggua from Grenadier Models - I based it on a 60mmx60mm base to potentially use as a God element in Hordes of the Things.

More to come...

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