Sunday, April 20, 2008

20mm WW2 Italians

Italians... Here we go...

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This is getting easier and easier… One pic per army… The bulk of this force is the Italeri/Esci 1/72 plastic Alpini. At the bottom left and in the center are a number of metal figures; these are mostly Rafm, though there is one or two stands worth of Dixon. Moving to the right, the painted L6-40 tank is from Rafm and the Carro Commando and M13/40 I got from RLBPS… I think they’re Frontline models…? to get this force in the field (besides, y'know, PAINTING it) I would need a pile of support weapons and crew - though not as much as some other armies...


Italian Alpini Regiment

RHQ – CO - HAVE: X Painted, X To Paint, NEED TO GET: X

3x Alipni Infantry Battalions, (Each/Total for Regiment)
-1/3x HQ - HAVE: 3+ To Paint,
-9/27 Infantry - HAVE: X Painted, X To Paint, NEED TO GET: X
-1/3 MG - HAVE: 1 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 2
-1/3 Mortar - NEED TO GET: 3

Divisional Assets

Alpine Artilery Battalion
3x 75/23 Pack Howitzer Batteries (off table – don’t need)

Alpine Engineer Company
3x Pioneer Platoons - HAVE: 3+ To Paint (This is what I think I’ll use the guy pulling the mule for!)

Corps/Army Assets?

AT Company (from somewhere…)
3x 47mm AT gun - HAVE: 3 guns To Paint, NEED TO GET: 3 crews

Light Tank Company
-3-4x L6-40 - HAVE: 1 Painted, NEED TO GET: 2-3 more? (rafm)
Medium Tank Company
-3x M13/40 - HAVE: 1 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 2?

Should I ever have nothing better to do than to put together an Armoured battlegroup I have a Carro Commando (to be painted…)

I actually have enough infantry to almost do TWO regiments… I could field an entire Alpini DIVISION… or I could just

All the Platoon 20 metal guys are just regular Italian Infantry. They don’t have the little feather thingy on the side of their helmet… I’m not sure I want to model one on each helmet that’s missing one… I guess I could use them later in a regular infantry regiment or just have alpini without their feather do-dad.

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No, I’m just kidding… it’ll be more stocktaking…

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