Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sculpting Update

A little more work on the New Masters

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

My 20mm Canadian Infantrymen circa 1986. The advancing chap on the left is more or less complete. I had started a standing/firing figure a while back at the same time but have neglected him for a bit. I still have to do some work on his helmet and add all his webbing kit… but that went pretty quickly on the first one so he should be good to go pretty soon…

I guess I better order myself some new rubber…

Same guys from the back.

The British SYW fusilier. Added a sword and started on some belt and coat details. I’m not sure about the positioning of the sword… but I don’t think I really have much choice. This doll was originally slated to be the British officer – but I’ve messed up my original fusilier good so I decided to bring this guy up as the fusilier and I’ll do some carving off of the old fusilier and make him into the officer… does this make any sense to anyone but me…? I'm sorry, it's late I really should be sleeping....

The French Militiaman. I have twice lengthened his capot and am now satisfied with it. Threw some details on the doll that will likely be covered and lost by the time I’m finished the arms and musket… ah well.. I’ll know they were there.

Other side of the militiaman – needs some work on those cuffs… otherwise I’m quite happy with this one.

Another doll that was slated for something else… this was to be a British light infantryman – I anguished so long about the arrangement of the kit I would put on him and WHICH HAT I would use… that I abandoned the whole thing for the moment and started to turn him into a highlander! (Again I lay part of the blame on Fitz-Badger and his highlanders…).

Back side of a French soldier form the Companies Franches de la Marine. I was working on the sword and bayonet sheath today. Sword still need some work. Again I’m not so hot on the positioning of this sword either… we shall see…

Front side of French soldier.

… and the 1850’s 40mm Highlander got his kilt finally… not looking forward to trying a feather bonnet…


  1. Looking good!
    (well fair's fair - your blog was 1 of the main factors pushing me into returning to my attempts to sculpt!)

    One tip for figuring out things like sword placement, which is probably constrained a bit by casting requirements, is to look at minis you like in similar poses and see how they dealt with it.

    For mine I'm expecting to cast swords separate and attaching to each mini as I see fit.

  2. Oh I've spent hours just staring at other's miniatures and contemplating how they cast them - especially ones with really dynamic poses! You are right you can learn an awful lot from spending time considering these things.

    Separate swords is probably a very sensible thing. Of course it would require assembly after casting and that seems like just too much work for a lazy bastard such as myself...

    That might have been the solution for my own highlanders and frenchmen but the British, by the period I'm trying to model, were wearing their sword belts UNDER their coats. Difficult to add that sort of thing after...