Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, New Figures

…and so it begins…

Here are the first items to roll off the workbench this new year:

(Remember: click on pictures to see a larger version)

This is a sorcerer from Reaper Miniaturesthat I added elfie ears to for Darrin’s Savage Saturday character… who died before I could even finish painting the damn thing.. Damn I just realized I forgot to paint the scars on his head…. that was the whole reason I got this figure – the character was hideously scarred from a “lab accident” – hence the crazy huge eyebrows and bald head. I was going to paint on some blotchy purple bits on his head. I may yet…

Some Halfling Militia for Hordes of the Things. I have enough figures for two more stands. Still not sure how to classify them. I’m kind of leaning towards Warband…?! These are a mix of Copplestone Castings and some old Grenadier figures which I picked up off ebay (which were also sculpted by Mr. Coppelstone…). They will likely be an option for one of my human kingdoms, likely the saxon-based one... I doubt I would ever build an entire halfling army...  

Some “Beasts” for my Orc army. Two are Ghost miniatures from Old Glory, the other is from West Wind Productions.

Finally two more stands of GW dwarfs from the new Skull Pass boxed set (pictured here with the first stand I painted last week…).

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