Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Normans vs. Vikings

After playing out this week’s HOTT Campaign Battle, Gary and I decided to try out some Historical DBA. I was interested in trying out the newly finished Normans, and Gary was interested in trying out some Vikings (as he is very nearly finished his own Viking army) against some different opponents…


1x Blade General
10x Blade
1x Bow

1x Knight General
6x Knghts
1x Light Horse
2x Spear
2x Bow


The Vikings ended up attacking so I set up some terrain, Gary got his side, I set up my Normans, he set up his Vikings and away we went…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

After a small amount of maneuvering the lines approach to contact.

The lines clash!

The Vikings took out a stand of Archers…

..and despite fighting at even odds (with my knights quick-killing the blades) managed to throw back five of my knights… The Norman general and another stand of knights did manage to ride down two stands of Blade.

Feeling a little cocky the Norman General wheeled around to fight the Viking general. This didn’t work out so great…

…as the Viking general won and shoved the Norman General down the hillside, thus gaining a +1, and also turned a Blade that was there in line to contact my rear… giving me a further -1 and no place to recoil to… so Vikings up with a +2 advantage, higher roller kills the other… how do you think that turned out…?

Yup, dead Norman General! So we’re even – two dead, but I’ve lost my general…

Well the next turn I charged two knights back in against two blade, took out one…

…then the other, and that was the game…


Well I guess I see why CVT likes his Normans!! He’ll be the one to make friends with in the Dark Ages DBA Campaign coming up in February… (only 3 of 12 spots filled so far…)

Thanks to Gary - I’m looking forward to seeing HIS Viking army in the very near future (10 stands complete!). Hopefully by then I’ll have the Anglo-Saxons completed…


  1. Nice game, looking great... been playing a little DBA ourselves lately.. a fantastic tournament using Book 2 armies.. 12 players playing 7 rounds.. a post tournament report here