Sunday, October 18, 2015

Frostgrave: Well of Dreams and Sorrows

Rick and Dave joined us this week for Skirmish Saturday Night and we played some more Frostgrave.

I’ve been working on some new skirmish game boards and ruined city terrain this week – to accommodate more than one game of Frostgrave at a time – but haven’t really finished up much. There was ONE new piece of terrain on the table this week – see if you can spot it.

I’ve also been working on some new campaign rules for a A Song of Blades and Heroes campaign – which, hopefully, I’ll be kicking off shortly. Might be November. I’m not sure if I’ll have it ready for next week, and the following week is Halloween and I planning a special Fear and Faith game!


This week we played the Well of Dreams and Sorrows scenario from the Frostgrave rulebook. Basically there is a well (or fountain) in the middle of the table and any wizard that is in contact with is and expends an action to drink from it gains a bonus 100 experience points.


Rick played Silverbeard, his 9th level Enchanter (who really likes a certain Elementalist spell!)

Dave returned with B’ob, his 4th level Sigilist and his apprentice D’oug.

Amanda has Hermione, a 12th level Thaumaturge and her apprentice Ginny. She’s added three barbarians (Dark Elf Witch Elves) to her warband to replaces previous losses.

The Boy was playing Akzar Kallesel his 13th level Necromancer. He’s decided to leave his crypt and find an Inn to make his base in – to add room for more members for his warband. Before the game he summoned a Zombie and used a Create Construct scroll to make a Large Construct.


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

All set up and ready to go.

Clockwise from the top of the picture we have Rick’s Enchanter’s warband, Amanda’s Thaumaturge warband on the right, The Boys’ Necromancers at the bottom of the picture, and Dave’s Sigilist off to the left.

Hermione (Amanda’s Thaumaturge) teleported herself to the middle of the table to get a sip of the Well of Dreams and Sorrows before anyone else (the all backwash!). This tactic proved a little reckless and ended up being her undoing.

At the end of Turn One a bear came roaring onto the table and attacked Rick’s warband.

End of Turn One. Everyone moving towards the middle

Silverbeard and Hermione’s warbands got into a bit of a scrap over a treasure set up right between their two deployment zones. Silverbeard’s Warband took out the bear.

Akzar Kallesel’s minions grabve a few quick and easy treasures and started shooting arrows and their trademark Bone Darts at B’ob and D’oug and Hermione – who was kind of stuck out there in the open!?

Creature Phase, Turn Two. WTF? ANOTHER bear?! In the exact same place!? Yeah, this became a bit of a common occurrence throughout the game.

Ginny Teleported herself through a window into this building to try and snatch a treasure away from two of the Necromancer’s minions. But instead of just taking the one left to them. They charged her and took her down and hauled off both!

An epic battle in the streets between the Necromancer’s and Thaumaturge’s warbands. Instead of retreating for cover or joined the battle with her warband. Hermione decided to run across the square and grab one of the treasures on the far side…

The Necromancer’s Apprentice and archer shooting arrows and Bone Darts at the Sigilist and his followers. 

A pair of skeletons wander onto the board.

The battle in the spare rages on. Silverbeard’s found himself a nice little wall to hide behind and throw Elemental Bolts into the mess. From there he blasted Hermione with one and took her out of the action! 

Middle of the game.

Dave managed to get a Power Word into the sky for Forget Spell. Later he managed to make the Necromancer forget Bone Dart!

Wandering skeletons attack The Necromancer’s minions.

The Thaumaturge’s followers fighting Silverbeard’s crew on the flanks - trying to get some payback for taking out their wizard!

Yeah… another bear… same place… Oh and the Necromancer summoned a Minor Demon who attacked Silverbeard and kept him busy for a turn so the Necromancer could dash out and get a drink from the Well of Dreams and Sorrows

The Necromancer’s Apprentice, inspired by his master’s summoning also tried summoning a demon…  in his excitement he forgot about the binding bit and the Demon immediately attacked him (rolled a one on summoning, was one shy of accidentally summoning a Major Demon!). they killed it easily enough, but in the meantime the Sigilist’s men slipped away into better cover.

As The Thaumaturge’s two remaining followers tried to retreat from the table they ran into a wandering Small Construct. These two and a thug were the only members of her warband to escape uninjured. 

Snow Leopard! The Necromancer ended up fighting this guy before he made it off  the table… but I was getting tired and not taking so many pictures by then…

The Necromancer getting his drink of from the well/fountain… dodging arrows and Elemental Bolts!

Before the Necromancer could get off the table and end the game (the Sigilist and Thaumaturge had long since departed), Silver beard dashed out from his cover and also got a drink!


Amanda had lost her Wizard, Apprentice, all three Barbarians, the Dog, the Treasure Hunter, a Marksman and an archer (or ranger… I forget which). All but the dog survived, though one Barbarian and the Archer/Ranger will miss a game. The Thaumaturge only gained 240 Experience (100 for drinking from the Well of Dreams and Sorrow, 100 for two treasures hauled off, 10 for the level difference, and 30 for the three spells her two spell casters managed to get off before getting ganked). Among the Treasure she collected 140 gold and two grimoires (Explosive Rune and Fleet Feet). She has a pretty impressive collection of Grimoires now, which she refers to as “totally useless”.

The Boy didn’t suffer so many losses. The Knight (with the +2 sword) once again survived as did the brand new Large Construct (which was taken out in the first turn of the game!). Akzar Kallesel gained 580 experience points!!! (100 for drinking from the Well of Dreams and Sorrow, 200 for the four treasures his minions hauled off, 160 for enemies taken out, and 120 for spells! He also got 260 gold, two magic swords (one +1 Fighting, one +2 fighting) and two Grimoires (Leap and Time Store)

The Sigilist’s warband only suffered two casualties – His ranger was totally fine, but T’orc the Thug died of his wounds. He gained 310 experience points (100 for treasures hauled off, 40 for taking down and enemy soldier, 90 for the level difference bonus, and 80 for spells). He collected 120 gold, three potions (Strength, Toughness, and Explosive Concoction), and a Grimoire of Monsterous Form.

Rick had the best game overall. Only one casualty throughout the whole game – Pippin, one of the Thieves, and he quickly recovered from his wounds. Silverbeard gained 680 experience points! (100 for drinking from the Well of Dreams and Sorrows, 200 for Treasures, 40 for the level difference – which he won’t be getting anymore! – 70 for Spells, and 270 for enemies taken out of action!) he collected 150 gold, 3 potions (Healing, Strength, and Invisibility), and three Grimoires  (invisibility and tow copies of Create Grimoire – one of which he sold for another 250 gold)

At the Market place this week The Necromancer picked up a Candle of Summoning nad a Two-Handed Sword (+1 Damage), Silverbeard snatched up an Elixor of Life and the Thaumaturge bought a Ring of Will.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I’ve taken a few process pictures of the terrain making I’ve been up to, perhaps I’ll post a few of those as I finish a few things up.

I’ve also been working on some English Civil War Scots. Should have some pics of those in a day or two…