Monday, December 22, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Well… not quite in the saddle, per se… but I am able to sit and paint and I’m back to cranking things out after the kiddies are off to sleep!

Here’s what I’ve finished up in the last couple evenings…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

A couple of fierce Viking lads. I think I got both of these in a trade – the one on the right is an old Citadel figure… or maybe old Wargames Foundry… the other one I’m not quite sure about… ah well, nice figures…

This is a i-Kore/Celtos figure I picked up when the Dragons’s Den was blowing them out for $1 per blixter!? He will be my celtic hero Bran Mac Muffin!

These are some more Celtos figures - elves. About half I picked up from the den, the rest I recently found on ebay. As I’ve mentioned a number of times recently, I was originally planning on using these for 28mm Warmaster… and have been rethinking that… but I think I’ll still do things in units of three like this to keen options open and, really four units of three stands is 12 stands… 12 stands @ 2AP is 24 AP… a Hordes of the Things army (or big battle HotT command…)

I had a couple left over so I did them up a singles for skirmishing.

Tonight I have to get to work on a few more Descent figures for Mr. J. Burt. and I’ve also got some Anglo-Saxons Thegns I’m working on…

I’m kind of all over the place…. wanting to do a stand of this and a stand of that, but I should really put the nose to the grindstone and figure out an order to which I should do things and do one army at a time. I’m pretty close to being able to field Anglo-Danish and Viking armies, so I should really concentrate on those. After that…? The next closest to being done is the Elves… Part of me, however, feels like I should get cracking on some “bad guys” and work on the orcs and goblin hordes… another part is pretty keen to work on the Dwarves…


  1. I like the Tartan on your figure. Keep up the good work!

  2. Agreed - beautiful tartan but general excellence overall!

    Best wishes