Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What I’ve Been Up To

For any that have been paying attention the surgery went fine, but I can’t really sit down, so this will be brief. Here are a few things I finished up in the last couple days before going under the knife.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

A unit of Bondi – By “unit” I mean for Warmaster Ancients. It will probably see more service in the immediate furutre as three stands of “Blade” in a Viking DBA/Hordes of the Things army… I think the’re all from Old Glory…. Oh except the horn-blower, I think he’s from Essex

This is an ancient Orc catapult. I think it was made by Grenadier and I’ve had it for… oh… 18 years or so…!? It was for my original Warhammer Orc army. It’s been sitting in a half painted state ever since… I painted the catapult in the last year of so, the Orcs Crew I painted this week and put it on a base – Now my Warmaster/Hordes of the Things Orc army has an Artillery option…. Actually come to think of it, this is the ONLY stand I have finished for my Orc Warmaster/Hordes of the Things army. Oh dear, I have some work to do.

Some assorted singles I finished up, from left to right; Crusader Miniatures Saxon Commander, Gripping Beast Viking, Some GW hero-type, an I-kore/Celtos Gael hottie….

Not recent paints, but I did re-base these to be a command stand for Warmaster Ancients.

I think I best go lie down now. I’ve been doing much thinking and planning for the Hordes of the Things campaign but I’ll have to post those thoughts some other time…


  1. Very nice minis! These are more in my areas of interest. :-)

  2. Thanks Fitz!

    You mean the dark ages/vikings or fantasy stuff?

    Either way, expect more of it in the new year!

  3. Both, as opposed to the modern and sci-fi stuff (not that there's anything wrong with that!) :-)

  4. Some great painting, especialy the vikings. Any plans to revisit the 17th century? ECW/TYW?

  5. Thanks Matt,

    I'll get back to the ECW someday. It was one of my first miniature wargaming loves. I never really had more than a small handful of stuff to skirmish with. Still have my copy of "Once Upon a Time in the West Country" (4th Impression, 1989). An ECW Pikeman and musketeer were. I think, the 3rd and 4th figure I made my own master for... Just this last year I traded away all my 15mm DBA stuff for a shipload of Old Glory ECW stuff... So yeah, I plan on getting back to it.

    One of the things keeping me from diving right into it is rules. Not sure what to use. I'll probably end up using some Warmaster derivative. I love the basic mechanic - I play a lot of Cold War Commander, etc. - which is based on it... I found and downloaded English Civil Warmaster - a set of amendments of Warmaster Ancients, but I haven't actually PLAYED Warmaster Ancients itself yet... so...

    I have a feeling it will be sooner rather than later - once I finish off the Darkages DBA armies - they will be expanded to use as Warmaster Ancients armies... then it will only be a matter of time before I bust out the Cuirassiers and pikemen and wild highland savages!