Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Fantasy Figures

The last couple evenings I’ve been working on some more fantastical figures.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Finally got around to finishing up the latest batch of Descent figures for my pal John in Calgary. maybe one of these days he’ll take some PICTURES of his games and post them on his blog so you can see them in ACTION!!!

These are some GW plastic Elves. I’ve mixed some old (OLD!) wood elves on a base with a High Elf Lotharin Sea Guard as a commander. I ended up with 30 of the Wood Elves and six of the Sea Guard – as I’m making stands of six and units of three stands… this wasn’t a really useful combination until I realized If I stuck one of the sea guard front and center on each stand like a captain I’d end up with six stands (2 full units). So I painted one up to see if they’d work together. I think it turned out not-so-bad, being painted all the same colour kind of ties them together nicely…

These are some newer GW dwarfs from the new Skull Pass boxed set. I picked them up off ebay pretty cheap. They paint up nice enough and pretty quick too! I have enough for two units (6 stands). So I may crack these out first, just to fill out the ranks and then add or replace them with the Ghost Miniatures elements when I’ve got more time.

A pair of Reaper Miniatures Elvish nobility/wizards ready for some Savage Worlds skirmishing. Hmmmmm, in this close up shot that Elfie Queen looks like she's got a bit of a sneer going on or something.

I also made a magneto-stand for them so I can use them as one of my Elvish magicians in Hordes of the Things.

Working on some Elvish Knights next, then maybe a couple more spear for the Saxons - to finish them up! then I really ought to get cracking on some orcs... or finish off the elves... Of course by then some MORE Descent figures will probably have arrived for me to paint... we shall see...

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