Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wolf Riders

I got some Orc wolf riders in the mail yesterday. They’re Old Glory - Ghost Miniatures that I picked up from Nice figures those Ghost minis – and pretty reasonably priced. I really like some of the Dwarves. Anyway I’m trying to decide how to base the wolf riders…

Should they be three to a base like DBA cavalry or Two to a base like DBA Light Horse…? It doesn’t matter rules-wise as they are all considered “Riders” in Hordes of the Things.

The three options I’m considering are (from left to right, below) two one a 60x50mm base (like Light Horse), three to a 60x60mm base, or three to a 60x50 base.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Looking at the picture now, I’m kind of leaning towards the three to a 60x60mm base…

It will match the base size for my foot Hordes – and looks a little more like a mounted horde…. On the other hand If I went with the Light Mounted basing (2 per base) I could have 1.5x as many units/stands…. Hmmmmm….

Anyone else got any strong opinions out there…?


  1. Not sure if my previous post got through... if it did feel free to delete this one.
    Appearance-wise I like the 3 on the 60x60 base.

  2. That's the first one I got...?

    Yeah, like I said, I'm kind of leaning that way myself - Orcs are about HORDES!!! The smaller base makes them look too... I don't know... "regular" (as in drilled and disciplined and not... well... "irregular")

  3. Personally, I concur that the middle one looks best. They look intimidating on the middle base. The left side base with the two is acceptable, but if you're going for the horde look with the two-figure base I'd say at least vary their positioning from base to base so that they form an irregular mass across several bases. The right-side base just doesn't look right, IMO. Too crowded.

  4. For visual appeal, I like the middle stand with three staggered riders on it. They look more like horde riders to me.