Sunday, December 28, 2008

Elvish Knights

More elves!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are some GW High Elf Silverhelms. Let me tell you getting three on a base with a 60mm frontage wasn’t easy!? They’re hard enough to line up together on their 25mm bases. I got these off of ebay already assembled so… maybe if I had bought new ones I could have been a bit more careful how they went together…

I’m not totally thrilled about these. They sees a little flimsy and brittle. They're also pretty damn HUGE. I think They're almost as tall as my dragon.... which just seems wrong.... (Maybe I need to get a BIGGER dragon!?)

I would really have liked to get West Wind Productions Elven Cavalry… but at £9.99 (+£1.99 postage) for three of them…. I just couldn’t afford them right now….

Well, I just need one more stand of these (eventually I’ll do three) and two more magician stands and I’ll be able to field an Elvish army for Hordes of the Things.

Hmmmmm... seems once again I've been too hasty with the taking pictures and posting - that whitish blob under the shrub is glue that still hasn't dried. Ah well, once I have the entire army completed I'll get some better pics up.


  1. Great looking stuff, Tim. I like the West Wind stuff as well, but at ~$4 per foot figure, there is no way... I have snipe old GW stuff on eBay that Warhammer guys are unloading as they are no longer supported by the rules MUCH cheaper.

  2. Thanks Patrick.

    I picked up a couple boxes of the West Wind Elf infantry at a store that was blowing them out. A "Regiment Box" with, I think, 24 figures in the box, for... maybe $8-$10!? I'm still kicking myself for not picking up the couple boxes of Orcs they had!! DOH!!!

    The Silver Helms were by no means "dirt cheap", but I'm sure even with the exchange and the shipping it worked out to less than half of what I would have paid for them locally - with the added bonus that they were already assembled and primed! Also the fellow selling them was selling ten - which was handy because they're sold in boxes of eight... I need stands of three...

  3. What can I say?


    How do you do it? Painting hundreds of figs in a year, playing tons of games and publishing this blog.
    I feel soooo inadequate right now, excuse me while I go sit in a corner sobbing...

    Why would I want follow this blog? Every new post will be a stab through the hart...

    Seriously, great stuff ;-)

  4. These look great and certainly inspire my own 28mm warhammer hott fun :) Why didn't you base these ones two to a base though? According to the HotT rules, you can have 2 knights to a base. My bretonnians will never fit three to a base, and if they did somehow, they wouldn't be able to sit beside another element...

    of an hour of wolves.

  5. Witteridderludo!

    How do I do it...? Uh... I think the secrets to my success is the lack of television in my life and my complete disinterest in video/computer games. I think if most gamers added up all the time they spend on those two things and spent that time painting toys they'd find they get a lot more done.

    It's really my main hobby. It's just what I do. I am focused. I don't get out much.... My kids go to bed at 8PM and then I sit down to paint for 2-4 hours just about EVERY night. I've been doing this for years so my painting is pretty efficient....

  6. n.

    I don't know. It's an aesthetic thing, I guess... I think the three crammed on there looks more like a "unit".

    I use "non-standard" basing for most of my DBA/HOTT stuff. All my infantry are on 60x40mm bases and I use about 1.5x the regular number of figures. So 2Ps have 3 figures, 3Wb or 3Bw have 4 or five figures, 4BD have 6 figures.

    gotta run more on that in a bit...