Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not Dead Yet!!

Well the hole they cut in me is slowly but surely healing up. This whole not sitting thing has put a serious dent into my usual high productivity. That’s not to say I haven’t been doing ANY hobby stuff. I’ve done a lot of prep work on figures – mounting them to painting bases and priming, etc…. I also did a bit of rebasing…. Stuff that I could do in a short period of time while standing.

I even did a small amount of painting the other day. Some Normans. They’re armoured, so it was mostly dry-brushing metal then painting shoes, hands, face sleeves and shields… all pretty simple stuff…

(Click on the pictures to see a bigger version)

These are a couple of older minis… like ~10 years old… They were originally part of my old 15mm HoTT armies. When I traded the armies away I held on to these. They were “28mm” figures – I just used them with the 15’s because… well… they looked even more awesome and scary standing next to a 15mm figure!? Anyway, they were on 40x40mm card bases that looked like golf green. The pait jobs aren’t quite up to today’s standards, but they’re “good enough” so I ripped them off and stuck them on new washer bases.

Now any that have been following along know that I am planning a HoTT campaign. So to make these usable with HoTT I made some dedicated magnetic movement trays… The base is 1/8” MDF which I stuck a bit of self-adhesive magnetic sheet stuff onto, then dressed up to match the round washer bases on the figure. Pretty nifty, eh? From above (where you would normally be looking at them from when playing) the border of the washer s a bit more apparent… but still, I think they worked out pretty darn okay!

Here are said Normans. The colours on the flag turned out a little dark in the pic… They’re a deep red and a dark green – but not THAT dark! They’re from Gripping Beast.

Wow. Painting while standing up is TOUGH…!! I think I’ll lay off for a bit until I can sit down again.

Come to think of it, typing while standing up kind of sucks too – even with the keyboad up on a box….

Anyway, not dead. Just recovering. Hopefully be back to regular hobby activities and posting by the new year…


  1. Nice minis, and great bases!
    Here's to a speedy recovery! And happy holidays!

  2. Glad to hear you are recovering! Even in your weakened condition, you are still more productive than I am.

    I hope you have a good holidays.

  3. Hi - just wanted to wish you the best and happiest hollidays and a fast recovery.

  4. Thanks guys!

    Hope you all have great holidays too!