Saturday, August 9, 2014

Oh, Those Orcs…

Will they ever learn...!?

Well, we had our day of funs (it was more of a late afternoon and evening of funs after having to run downtown to the library and then out to get some groceries)…

The kids and I did some assembling and painting of miniatures – The Boy beginning to assemble the figures he’s using for his Song of Shadows and Dust faction (Wargames Factory Numidians) - and we all took turns reading chapters out of Thieves of Ostia (to get them stoked about the World of Rome).

The Girl and I did get out and do some flatlanding…

Then after supper we finally got around to getting in another game. WE played Song of Blades and Heroes again, but the kids switched up their armies a bit – but still used their own figures! This time we actually rolled for a random scenario out of Song of Deeds and Glory.


The Orcs have discovered a place sacred to the Elves of the Great Woods. The Orcs figure it would be fun to put a latrine there…


The Elves ended up defending and The Girl chose the Clearing in the Woods terrain board to defend on.

We ended up playing the Place of Power Scenario out of Song of Blades and Heroes (pg. 46). There was a Place of Power (the middle of the clearing in the center of the board) that gave bonuses to casting spells – which wasn’t much use as The Girls mage was Q 2+, and the Boy didn’t have any mages – and also mages couldn’t run out of magic during the game if they were casting from within that location. Also every Mage in the Place of Power at the end of the game scorred an additional 3 Victory Points.


Gronk’s Revenge

Goblin Commander
Q 4+, C 3, 45 points

Q 4+, C 4, 41 points
Tough, Fearless, Big

2x Goblin Elite Archers
Q 4+, C2, 26 points each
Shooter (Medium), Unerring Aim

4x Goblin Warriors
Q 4+, C2, 15 points each

4x Orc Warriors
Q 4+, C3, 23 points each

Elves of the Great Woods

Elf Wizard
Q 2+, C2, 70 points
Magic-user, Forester

2x Elf Warriors
Q 2+, C 3, 38 points

2x Elf Elite Archers
Q 2+, C 3, 70 points
Shooter (Long), Unerring Aim, Good Shot

2x Young Elf Warriors
Q 3+, C 2, 20 points


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The detachment of Orcs and Goblins (and Troll!) from Gronk’s Revenge tasked with securing the ground for Gronk’s new Latrine…

A band of brave Elves determined to defend their most potent places of power within the woods.

Gronk’s revenge getting off to a good start… of course for the first two turns they used the Free “non- combat” Moves to advance towards the clearing in the woods. Thereafter they were plagued with Command and Control problems. Mostly because The Boy insisted on rolling three dice all the time for activations – so within the first two activations, he’d roll a turn-over and the advance ground to a halt at the edge of the clearing….

It took those Elves three turns to move up to the edge of the clearing… mostly because one of the Elite Elf Archers (with Q 2+) decided to roll two ones on the first turn ending their turn abruptly – another ( I think the Wizard) did the same on the second turn. I don’t think those Young Warriors at the back got up there until Turn Four or Five…

Some Goblins finally made it to the clearing to join the Orcs and Troll that had taken a more direct route – only to be pin-cushioned by the Elf Elite Archers… Two downed in that one turn – it didn’t look good for Gronk’s Revenge! Fortunately the Elves Luck didn’t hold up and there followed a few rounds of ineffective fire at the Orcs and Goblins standing in the open

Gurk! Downed Goblinses.

The Goblin Leader and Goblin Elite Archers trying to make their way to the clearing to rendezvous with the rest of the detachment.

The Boy – commanding the Orcs and Goblins (and Troll!).

The Girl – commanding the Elves.

The Girl finally got over her fear or the Troll and came out of the woods – hoping to get a bit closer to the Troll so she could transfix it with the Wizard and then hopefully shoot it down with the Archers…

As it turned out it was completely unnecessary – on The Boy’s next turn he ran one of the Goblin Elite Archers into the clearing with it’s single action (and two failures… and turn-over) and then The Girl’s Elite Elf Archer shot it with and aimed shot at medium range and scored a Gruesome Kill  and the rest of Gronk’s Revenge panicked and ran away… well… the leader and one other ran away, causing a chain of additional morale tests which effectively cleared the table of all but two Goblins…

On the plus side… Gronk’s Revenge suffered only one death – the Gruesomely Killed archer… the other two casualties were only light wounds and the rest had simply ran away…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hopefully we’ll get some more painting in tomorrow and maybe TWO games…?! 


  1. Wonderful looking family and gaming - as well as the bike tricks!

    1. Thanks Dean! Luckily they take after their ma!

  2. Another great post, Tim - fun all round ;)

  3. I'm enjoying these encounters with orcs (and goblins, and a troll!). Looks like some fun gaming. And cool to see the kids getting to use figures they painted themselves.

  4. So nice to see the next generation getting involved.