Friday, August 8, 2014

Orcs on a Rampage!

As promised, the kids and I began our weekend of gaming with a round of Song of Blades and Heroes. The Boy recently finished up a large batch of Orcs so I encouraged him to use his own miniatures and have a go at The Girls Amazons. I think this may actually be the first time they've both played with a forced entirely composed of figures they've painted themselves!


Orcs are on a tear again and rampaging about the countryside. The Amazons didn’t take kindly to this nonsense and decided to go out and confront the brutish smelly gits.


Kill them before they kill you.


Gronk’s Revenge

Orc Warboss
Q 3+, C 4, 100 points
Tough, Leader

8x Orc Warriors
Q 4+, C 3, 23 points each

Amazonian Avengers

Amazon Infantry Leader
Q 3+, C 4, 70 Points

3x Amazon Warriors
Q 3+, C 3, 30 points

2x Amazon Elite Archers
Q 3+, C3, 50 points

1x Amazon Light Infantry – with sling
Q 3+, C 2, 28 points
Shooter (medium)


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Orcs of Gronk’s Revenge attacking from the left. The Amazons are deploying on the right.

Turn One - the orcs charge off pell-mell across the countryside. Group Moves are for SISSIES!

The first two found themselves in range of the Amazon Archers and started taking fire. One was knocked down.

On the second turn the Warboss caught up, but the trailing Orc rolled a turn-over so the Orcs didn’t really make much forward movement. With an aimed shot, one of The Girl’s Amazon Archers took out an Orc!

The next turn the Orcs kind of got going again, but basically just got even more spread out before a turn-over was rolled.

The Amazons waited patiently – taking their time trying to shoot the ORcs as they approached. They knocked quite a few down, but most got up again… The slinger was almost entirely useless at any sort of range…

The Boy decided to wait until all his Orcs had made it to the River before heading across en-masse… Of course this just meant The Girl could have her Amazons fire away at them for a few turns at point blank range.

Luckily – for The Boy – none of those hit by the Amazon archers were seriously wounded… but eventually The Girl just couldn’t resist those knocked down orcs on the far bank of the ford – she eventually gave up her defendable position and rushed across to try and finish off a few that were down.

It turned into a big bloody mess of Amazons and Orcs flailing about in the slippery, muddy banks of the river – each in turn fallin over and getting up and knocking the other over. Luckily for The Girl, The Boy never seemed to get to activate his War Boss with enough actions to get INTO the action!

Eventually the Amazons starting taking out the Orcs one at a time…

While things from time to time looked dire – Amazons falling and looking like they were going to get chopped by brig hulking orcs looming over them – in the end only one Amazon was seriously injured.

Lots of splashing about in the river.

The Warboss only ever got into the action at the very end – perhaps the second last turn he charged in and tried to fight the Amazon Leader and all he managed to do was cause a push-back.The Girl pretty much chose to ignore the War Boss and instead concentrated on cutting down his minions around him.

The Amazon Light Infantry slinger DID earn her keep in the end. She had been knocked down in the river next to another knocked down Orc. One of the other Amazon warriors came to her rescue and attacked the Orc as it got up. The orc was knocked back, the Slinger got her feet and with an aimed sling-shot at point blank range – took him out. This put the orcs over 50% casualties… the remaining orcs all fled toward the table edges – except for the one that was still in combat – and knocked down! Perhaps he understood his predicament – if he got up to run, they’d just stab him in the back…

The Boy did, sensibly, call it quits at this point.

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Tomorrow I thought I’d set up a game of Song of Shadows and Dust but we might also get in another game of something else…? Possibly do some board gaming as well…?

We shall see… 


  1. I love how you play games with your kids.

    1. Thanks! I love playing games with my kids!