Monday, August 4, 2014

Walking Like an Egyptian

Or an irritable donkey…

Here is this week’s work.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Still mostly working on ancient subjects and mostly for Song of Shadows and Dust


A couple of Donkeys from Pegasus Hobbies farm animal set. They look a little small – mostly because they’re on REALLY BIG bases! I’ll be using these as “Irritable Donkeys” in Song of Shadows and Dust (it’s supposed to be “Irritable Mules”… but donkeys are all I’ve got…). They’re essentially a small area of dangerous terrain. We found that the mules/donkeys we had on regular-ish-sized bases weren’t much of an obstacle – perhaps our cities have been too open… for now we’ll try these larger bases… if it doesn’t work I can easily pop them off and put them on something else.

Piggy-wigs… also from the Pegasus Hobbies farm animal set.

A pig on his own… could be used as one that wandered off… or one that’s particularly independent minded… or Gryllus the Pig from The Pig Scrolls

An element of Spear for my New Kingdom Egyptian DBA/HOTT army (though for soe reason I think they may be classified as “Blade”… figures are from Wargames Foundry

More Egyptians from Wargames Foundry - these lot are, I think, supposed to be commanders – but I figured I could used them as henchmen in an Egyptian faction in Song of Shadows and Dust.


Still more Egyptians from Wargames Foundry - these are supposed to be two guys practicing sword play, but, again, I figured they could be passed off as club wielding goons in the violent streets of some Mediterranean city…

STILL more Egyptians from Wargames Foundry - some heavy hitters – armed with bow and Kopesh.

The last of the Egyptians from Wargames Foundry - a slave girl.

I also did a few old Mega Miniatures, which, I think, were from a “Sultan’s Harem” pack.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Be nice if I could get back to gaming and posting reports… Hopefully by the end of the week… Otherwise – more Egyptians and other ancients! 


  1. Great looking NKE, Tim. The slave girl is lovely.

  2. Wonderful stuff Tim. Your painting style particularly suits this genre I think.

  3. Outstanding! What colors are you using for the Egyptian flesh tones? Very nice!

    1. Thanks Jonathan! I often mix stuff to get skin tones - these Egyptians are mostly Decoart Americana Milk Chocolate - sometimes with a bit of ... oh... I forget the name of the company - it's some other craft paint I picked up at Michaels - the colour is called toffee...?

  4. Very nice work on all of those Tim. I recently bought the Pegasus farm animals in 1/72 and I'm impressed with the detail.

    1. Thanks Mark! There is a lot of fun and useful stuff in the set - I picked up TWO!? I picked them up a few years back from North Star... I think they might have been on sale...? I just remember it was a smoking good deal for what i got!

  5. The Egyptians look terrific, especially the archers and their perfect head gear.