Saturday, May 7, 2016

More Vimy Project Planning

As I mentioned in the previous post I am back to working on the Vimy Project. Little has changed since I set out a plan to get it done two years ago (the last time I thought about getting this project going again) – except now I’m going to squish everything I’d planned to do in three years into one.

No problem.

Actually taking stock of things yesterday I figured out I have about 40 battalions of stuff to paint up – There are four in the 3rd Division, eight in the 1st Division, and all twelve of the 2nd Division. There are four more in the 4th that I never finished up because they weren’t involved in the actual attack on Vimy (as they were being held in reserve for an attack on “The Pimple” the following day), which I may or may not finish for April. There are also, I think two British battalions on loan from 5th British Division that were operating in the 2nd Canadian Division’s sector that I need to paint up. On the German side I have four German Regiments that I need to cast and paint up toys for (3 battalions each, for a total of 12).

I have 48 weeks to go, so I don’t see all the painting as insurmountable. Painting a battalion (or two) of 15 figures in a week would be no problem for me. Mind you, there are some Brigade/Divisional staff and guns and crews and such to paint as well… Still ONE battalion, plus some guns and stuff each week…. still very doable.

Then there is the terrain…. That will be a LOT of work, but I should be able to set aside a good chunk of the summer to get most of that done.

I think the trick is to not try to do too much all at once – especially right now! May and the first few weeks of June are just batsh!t cRaZy. We have so much going on with the skewl year wrapping up; rehearsals, recitals, finishing up projects before our yearend portfolio review… it would be mad to take on much right now, and it would probably end up discouraging me and setting me further back. So for now I am committing to get one battalion (plus some other stuff) done each week for the next two months. Also I could work towards cleaning out the basement so I have space to set up and actually work on terrain and play test the scenarios when it’s done.

In July and August I’ll try and get the bulk of the terrain building done. That would just leave me having to finish up painting the figures through the fall and winter. (and working on another somewhat related project… but more on that in a bit…)

That brings us to September… and ToonCon. I had said I was going to do something at ToonCon. But I also said I wasn’t going to work on planning stuff for any other games. Then I got this Idea: REGINA TRENCH. The Weekend of Tooncon will be just before the 100th anniversary of the battle of Thiepval Ridge on the Somme – where the Canadians had their first crack at Regina Trench. I know… I know… This will require building MORE terrain! But I think it will be a relatively easy thing to build and I may just build it out of some generic modular trench terrain sections that could be used for any other trench battlefields on the western front – I’ve been meaning to do something like that for a while.

As for the 13th Annual Wargaming Birthday bash in February (2017)… Well, it’s likely not going to be a skirmish campaign like this year. I’m thinking I might play Vimy By Divisions. If I have the terrain completed and enough figures I could play the battle on each Division’s front separately throughout the weekend.

I guess I'll need to rent a hall to set it all up on the day. Luckly 9 April 2017 falls on a Sunday, so I can do it ON the actual anniversary and be reasonably sure at least a FEW people should be able to show up.

I guess I need to find some people to show up and PLAY the game! When I ran the 4th Division game at Mayday 2007, I ran the Germans (with the help of Will!) and had four Canadian players - each taking half a brigade. I'll probably need 4-6 helpers just to run the Germans, and another 12 players if I gave each player a full brigade.

And After…?

Well since I have all the figures, I could build some terrain for Passchendaele (or use some modular trenches) to play at Tooncon in September of 2017… Maybe do some games of the last 100 days in 1918…?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

The Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry – to finish up the 9th Brigade.

(If you missed it, I posted the Royal Canadian Regiment yesterday


  1. Now that is a mighty project. I'll be looking forward to the pictures of progress and the Games too.
    Cheers dan

    1. "mighty" is a good word for it... "megalomaniacal" might also work...


  2. Very ambitious plans. I bet you make all of your goals.

    1. Thank you Jonathan! Hopefully I'll at least have fun trying!

  3. This sounds very exciting.
    I'm already imagining you as the Duke Seifried of Saskatoon.

    1. I hope this means you have 9 April 2017 marked on your calendar!