Friday, July 23, 2021

Necromunda - The Fiery Wrath of the Redemption!

 On Wednesday, Orion was back with his Enforcers to deal with some Redemptionists that were setting fire to a few too many things in the Underhive. It is hard for Enforcers to extort protection from those they can't actually PROTECT from the wrath of the Redmptionist Crusade! 

We played the "Meat Harvest" scenario out of the Book of Ruin, except instead of Corpse Grinder Cultists harvesting meat, it was the Redemptionists burning heretics and mutants and other abominations... which is pretty much anyone who isn't them... There were twelve underhive citizens on the table. the Redemptionist got one Victory Point for each that they "purified" and the Enforcers got TWO Victory Points for each that they successfully shepherd off the table. 

We each brought a force of just under 1000Cr. 

Redemptionist Crusade

  • Redemptress Jezebel - Leader 
  • Abimelech the Zealous - Champion 
  • Sister Lilith
  • Sister Sapphira
  • Brother Tobias 
  • Brother Saul

Omega Precinct Enforcers

  • Niner - Leader
  • Vector
  • Cat
  • Lucky Nines
  • Rose
  • Six

To start with we had Randon D3+2 on the table and the rest showed up one per turn starting in the End Phase at the end of Round Two.


Orion's Enforcers make the first moves. 

Omega precinct started with Niner (the Captain), Vector, Cat and Lucky Nines on the table. They all deployed close enough to the Captain that they could all activate together. 

Brother Saul blasted away at a Heretic wandering the underhive ("they're all heretics down here!"). Brother Saul, being a Corpse Starch® wholesaler at his "day job", is less interested in BURNING heretics as he sees it as a waste of perfectly good meat products...

Redemptress Jezebel and Brother Tobias carefully take stock of their targets, hoping to avoid a run in with the local Enfrocers (little did they know...). 

Sister Lilith, tired from a long day of taking care of Orlock brats, was excited to take out some of her rage on the lowlifes dwelling int the underhive. 

Enforcers fan out to form a protective line. 


Redemptress Jezebel and Brother Tobias move up... "Crap! it's the FUZZ!" 

Sister Lilith waiting for the Enforcers to look the other way... 


REdeptress Jezebel started things off charging a pair of Heretic maintenance servitors that were busy "repairing" a door. She slashed one down with her sword, before setting the corpse on fire! 

The Captain successfully used the Shepard (Basic) action to draw citizans closer in. 


Sister Lilith moves in and shot one point blank with her stub gun. 

Brother Tobias moved out and blasted a biblioservitor that was clearly distributing Heretical books. 

Vector blasted Brother tobias with his Bolt Gun, seriously injuring the Redemptionist! 

In the End Phase, Rose arrived, having flanked around behind the Redemptionists... they would not escape this time! 

Abimelech the Zealous figured he might do the same - catch the heretics as they fleed his brothers and sisters fiery wrath! 


Unfortunately, there were heavily armed Enforcers protecting said heretics - and Lucky Nines stepped around the corner and blasted Abimelech with a bolt gun. 

Tobias, having applied a trauma patch, jumped up and ran for cover. Niner, the Enforcer Captain, redeployed (his armour is SO HEAVY, movement is a double action!?), Jezebel left the remaining Heretic at the door, as it seemed the Enforcers weren't going to stand by and let them do the Emperor's Good Work and purge the underhive of this scum. Being a more immediate threat, the Enforcers would have to be dealt with first! See blasted at Vector with her metlagun. Missing, she melted part of the shipping container he was taking cover behind, splattering the enforcer with rivulets of molten metal. 

CAt charged Sister Lilith, engaging her in a furious melee. 

Where reinforcements arrived, we rolled and on 3+ you get to decided where your reinforcements arrived... but on a 1-2 your opponent sets up your reinforcements... somewhere, Six made a wrong turn in his attempt to flank the Redemptionists and find a spot with a good field of fire... and ended up in a corridor with two large blast door blocking hi s way!? 

Sister Saphira had been following Abimelech and arrived to find him bleeding from bolter wounds and shouting at her to watch out! 


Lucky Nines blasted Sister Saphirra as she attempted to move to Abimelech's aid and took her out of action

Brother Tobais rushed to Sister Lilith's aid - and took Cat out of action. 

Rose Pumped a concussion grenade into the corner knocking down everyone. 

The Redemptresses second shot at Vector found it's mark, seriously injuring the Enforcer. 

Borther Saul rushed out of cover and blasted Rose with Inferno rounds, taking her out of action! 

In the end Phase Abimelech recovered, and the Enforcers failed a Bottle Check. 


Abimelech got up and moved to cover, hoping to catch a bunch of the Heretics with the purifying flames of his eviscerator... but Niner charged in and took the fanatic down. 

Jexebel tried to charge the downed Vector, to finish him off... but didn't quite make it. 

Six managed to get the second door open and squeezed off a quick shot at the Redemptress, pinning her. 

Bother Saul turned and blasted at Six missing both the sniper AND the citizen standing nest to him!? 

In the End Phase, Vector fell unconscious from the pain of his burns (out of action). 


Niner failed a cool check and fled... or, as I like to imagine, he escorted the escaped civilians from the scene and dragged off his prisoner, Abimelech, thinking he'd finally captured a high-ranking member of the Redemptionists... Unfortunately, when they got back to the precinct house, Abimelech was able to call in some favours from a couple of his more influential patrons and he was released before the captain even finished the booking paperwork... 

Six shot down Saul, seriously injuring him. 

Jezezbel got up and dove for cover. 

Tobias, who had been downed by Roses Concussive blast, finally drifted into unconciousness. 


Six successfully did a Shepard action and drew a number of the remaining citizens into the corridor where he was, and then closed the door. 

Sister Lilith and Brother Saul both recovered in the end phase, but the Redemptionists finally Bottled Out.


Redemptress Jezebel chased down another Heretic and cut him down with sword and shot him in the head with her stub gun. 

Others Maneuvered. 


Six finally broke and fled, calling "You're on your own from here" to the citizens he left behind...

And that was the game... 

Now according to the scenario, it ends when either all of the Hive Dwellers have been removed from the table or only members of one gang remained on the table. Once the game ended, whoever had the most victory points won... Which was the Enforcers - they had gotten three citizens off (six points) and I'd taken out four (four points). Seems a little odd as one side COULD just voluntarily leave after failing a bottle check, if they happened to be in the lead with the points - which seems a little lame. Other scenarios assume that if the other team bottles and leaves, that the remaining team will finish up what they came to do, and thus automatically win - but that's not the case here. I kind of like it, you REALLY have to FOCUS on the OBJECTIVE - killing or saving the Underhive Dwellers, as taking out the enemy could give them the opportunity to just leave - if they have more points! 

Now we're not playing an official campaign, but I like to do the post game thing for my gangers... 

Checking for injuries, Brother Tobias was just out cold and recovered in time to fight again in the next game. Abimelech and Sister Sapphira suffered Grievous Injuries and will spend some time recovering. In Abimelech's case, it could be some time in jail and then laying low, so as to not irritate his patrons. 

All gained one experience point for showing up. Saul and Tobias gained an additional point for taking Enforcers out of action (I didn't count the Underhive Dwellers). Saul and Lilith gained experience for having been seriously injured, but recovering to fight again during the game! 

Fun times! Hope this becomes a regular thing. 


  1. Good fun, & gotta love your hand painted graffiti walls!

  2. Great sounding game, the graffiti walls really make it look ace!
    Best Iain