Saturday, October 21, 2023

Five Parsecs From Home - Online Campaign - Round One - Deliver the Goods

Our deranged band of miscreants began their adventures on the world of Athilles IV - an industrial world shrouded in toxic haze, that severely limited visibility. 

The found themselves blessed with THREE potential Patrons, unfortunately all three wanted their jobs done NOW!!! 

They went with the job offered by a Wealthy Individual whose influence spreads over most of the quadrant. He wanted them to deliver a small package to a secure door at the back side of a sturdy building in the seediest part of Startown. It totally wasn't Plutonium Nyborg... that would be, like, illegal... or something..

[we played the game using Discord and Roll20 - for the map and stuff... I forgot to take many screen shots early in the game - and didn't take any notes on what happened turn by turn... the blue square was were Willie, who was carrying the package, needed to stand for one turn. I used the Fog of War feature to hide areas from the players - the dark grey areas would have shown up and totally black on their screens] 

As they crew approached the building Ace ran off to the right and Brother Bart the left to watch their flanks... 

It was Ace that had the first contact... 

As they peered down one of the side alleys, out of the haze loomed a large terrifying Uplift Mercenary Wolf-Hybrid, carrying a Rattlegun. 

The giant Wolf-creature raised it's gun and it was immediately apparent it was not out for a stroll, but hunting the couriers! Ace squeezed off a few shots from her needler and sent the mercenary reeling for cover... 

A burst of automatic fire rang out elsewhere. Jimmy Oath, who was just exiting the central route, went down. At the end of the alley most of the crew were moving up through another Uplift Mercenary Wolf-Hybrid rushed up and popped it's head around the corner. 

Rushing up past Sal and Jimmy, who was bleeding on the ground, Lt. Yrmgr blasted the Mercenary at point blank range with her Infantry Laser! 

Sal moved forward and fired at the Merc that has shot down Jimmy from the next corner, but missed.  

Ace and the Merc with the rattle gun got into a protracted firefight - neither being able to hit the other in cover... Fire from the others drover the Mercenaries leader back to cover around the next building. 

Ace finally got in a good shot. Blood geysered from the Wolf-Merc neck as it fell back behind the building. 

The Wolf-Merc-Leader recovered and shot down Sal, who was now standing in the open... 

Mad Willie made it to the door and buzzed at the intercom, pass codes were exchanged and a small port in the door opened for Willie to pass the package through. Mission Complete! 

But there was still this Mercenary to deal with! 

Lt. Yrmngr keep the mercenary pinned down while Brother Bart and Ace tried to flank on both sides. 

Ace got their first and peppered the area with needles. The Wolf-Merc-Leader staggered back from the corner, giving Lt. Yrmngr the opportunity to rush to the next corner and blast the leader with her infantry laser! 

and that was that... 

Checking on the injured crew, Jimmy was only lightly injured. He would spend a short time in the sick bay, but was expected to fully recover. Sal was a totally different story. The full burst of the Mercs Military Rifle had left her shattered. Still alive, but she would be permanently crippled and would not be able to continue with the crew... 

Here's how the pre and post game sequence went... 


1. Flee Invasion (if applicable) 

No Invasion, no fleeing!

2. Decide whether to travel

Didn't seem to make sense in Round One... 

3. Starship travel event (if applicable)

No travel, no event

4. New world arrival steps (if applicable)



1. Upkeep and Ship Repairs

We actually did this part LAST WEEKEND.. and I didn't take a lot of notes of details... upkeep was paid and some of the ships debt was paid down a bit... 

2. Assign and resolve crew tasks

Again, I can't remember exactly who did what... I know better next time. I think two crew trained, two went to do trade or explore and two went to throw the rivals... 

I realized afterwards that even though they started the game with patrons, they probably still should have sent someone to get the jobs... alas... 

3. Determine Job Offers

The Crew had three patrons to start with:

Local Government (via Case)

  • Danger Pay: +2Cr 
  • Benefit: Health Insurance 
  • Complete By: Campaign Round ONE

Wealthy Individual (via Jimmy Oath) 

  • Danger Pay: +1 Cr 
  • Benefit: Persistant 
  • Hazard: VIP
  • Complete By: Campaign Round ONE

Private Organization (via Jimmy Oath) 

  • Danger Pay: +2 Cr
  • Complete By: Campaign Round ONE

4. Assign Equipment

Equipment was assigned... 

5. Resolve any Rumors

No Quest... 

6. Choose your battle

Rivals did not find them, so they had their choice of Patron jobs... Though one offered Health Insurance and another paid a bit better, they went with the Wealthy Individual's job as they had the Persistent benefit - meaning, if they succeeded in the mission and this Patron became a Contact, they would have the Persistant trait and remain a contact, even if the crew eventually moved off world.  


Deployment Condition: 

No special conditions

Notable Sights: 

Peculiar item: Gain +2 XP

(kind of forgot about this...) Maybe I'll add it to the next game if one isn't rolled 



A crew member (Willie) is carrying a package. The package must be delivered to the exact center of the table. A suitable marker or terrain feature should be placed there. Placing the package safely requires a Combat Action.

If the carrier becomes a casualty, roll 1D6: On a 1, the item is destroyed. Otherwise it can be picked up by spending a Combat Action at the location they fell.

If The Crew drive off all enemies, you Win as long as the package is undamaged.


  • Enemy Encounter: Hired Muscle
  • Number Rolled: 1 (yeah, rolled snake-eyes...) 
  • Enemy: Feral Mercenaries
  • Numbers: +2
  • Panic: 1-2
  • Move: 5”
  • Combat Skill: +0
  • Toughness: 4
  • AI: A = Aggressive
  • Weapons 2B - 2x Military Rifles, 1x Rattle Gun (VIP has Miliary Rifle)  
  • Uplifted Humans merged with animal features, typically wolves.
  • Quick feet: They add +1” to the distance for any Dash move.


1. Resolve Rival Status

Nope, Uplift Mercenaries hold no grudges... or... just not interested in facing these guys again! 

2. Resolve Patron Status

Having successfully completed a Patron Mission, the crew now have a Contact - and a Persistent one, at that! 

3. Determine Quest Progress

Not on a quest, hence, no progress... 

4. Get Paid

+2 Credits (rolled one... plus one danger pay... damn...) 

5. Battlefield Finds

Debris: 1D3 credits’ worth on the scrap market. = +1credit

6. Check for Invasion

Not invaded. 

7. Gather the Loot

Personal Item - 3 story points

8. Determine Injuries and recovery

Jimmy - Minor injuries - No long-term effect- 1 Campaign Turn in Sick Bay

Sal - Permanent injury - spinal crippled for life. 

9. Experience and Character Upgrades

Mettoktu - +4XP

Jimmy - +1XP

Willie - +3XP

Ace - +3XP 

Brother Bart - +3XP

10. Invest in Advanced Training

Not at this time... 

11. Purchase items

Saving up to pay off ship, so... 

Also, everyone HAS some pretty good weapons. 

12. Roll for a Campaign Event

An admirer wants to come along.

Gain a new crew member, if desired. They have only the base profile with no extra rolls, and bring no equipment.

If your crew has any Feral members, the new member is also Feral.

13. Roll for a Character Event

Willie - Have a heart to heart talk with a crew member.

Select a random crew member. Both earn +1 XP.


14. Check for Galactic War progress

No invasion, no war, no progress... 

And that was round one of our online Five Parsecs From Home. I had a good time. I like this system. Looking forward to Round Two - next week, hopefully!!

I do hope I'll get back to playing my solo game as well... it's been a bit nuts this past week as I've been painting the basement... 


  1. Aw, wolfie looks cute. Maybe he just needed some skritches (but count your fingers).

    1. Seriously... why did they have to shoot them when all they had to do was say "Who's a good boy?" and produce a delicious bone from their pockets and they would have all been friends!?

      The players had suggested that Sal became a werewolf... because their bullets did that...? I said that was silly... but maybe I should have gone with it, and made Sal a Rival that joined the Mercenaries and would hunt down the crew that left her behind...

      I guess I still could...

  2. Sounds like a good story and a fun system!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks, Iain! The system is pretty slick and fast-playing and I really like how little work is involved in prepping for the game. It's all just piles and piles of tables to roll on and then maybe some minor tweaks to fit the current narrative.