Monday, April 14, 2008

British Para Painting Update

I got busy doing some Paras this week (and some other stuff…).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This will be my Brigade HQ for the Blitzkreig Commander 20mm British Paras. The figures are from Figures, Armour, Artillery USA. Nice figures. I really like them. I’d like to get more, unfortunately they totally ballsed up my order and shipped it to some guy in Germany and sent me his order… they did get most of the stuff I ordered to me in a reasonable amount of time. But there’s still eight packs they haven’t sent me and they haven’t returned any emails since the New Year… so… Too bad, I like their figures.

The Jeep is from Rafm.

Same thing, different angle. That’s a map of Arnhem on the jeep. Maybe I should have done Normandy. Ah well…

Same thing again…

More pretty FAA toys. A Pioneer platoon, an HQ and a Mortar Platoon. The HQ will be for Frost’s 2nd Battalion (that’s Johnny Frost himself, there, blowing on his copper fox-hunting horn).

Why do anything in one scale when you can do it in TWO!? I also painted up some 28mm paras for Savage Worlds Skirmishing. These are a mix of Foundry, Crusader and West Wind Productions.

You know this Thursday’s game will involve Para’s in one scale or another…

I also finished up a couple of modern/sci-fi types – The one in the middle is from The Foundry the other two are I-Kore Void figures. They were quick. They were easy. They are done.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

There will be a flurry of blog posting over the weekend (and following week) including Thursday’s AAR and a pile of stock taking and painting updates as the rest of the family is off on vacation (I get to “work on the house”).


  1. Hi Tim,

    I know you have no clue as to who I am, but I think we've spoken on the The Guild username is Brian.

    I just wanted to comment on your experience with FAA. 1) You're right, they don't answer emails often, I think out of maybe 5-6 emails I've sent, they responded to maybe 1. Having said that, Baxter Key has been super nice to me here recently with an order (a bag full of US and Brit WW2 paras), I got the entire order fast AND complete.

    I will say that this is only my second order, my first I actually had to call them to ask about its whereabouts...they shipped it out that day...go figure!!! Anyways, please don't be offended, I just was offering some glimmer of hope, because as you've said, they do have nice figures!

    BTW - I've thoroughly enjoyed your blog and you've inspired to build some armies up for Cold War Commander please keep up with the blog!

  2. Hi Brian,

    Nope, not me - I've snooped around the guild forums from time to time but never signed up and posted anything. Perhaps you are thinking of Fireman Tim? He's over at

    Not offended at all - you HAVE succeeded in giving me hope, sir - if six is the magic number maybe I just need to send ONE MORE MESSAGE! I'm not really angry at Baxter or anyone at FAA, as you say the emails have always been pleasant - when they send them. I can imagine making and selling minis is a tough row to hoe (especially stuff that isn't exactly super popular right now). I'm mostly sad as I'd like to order more... but when there's 8 packs outstanding and no responses... I... just can't...

    Thanks for your note, Brian. It's always nice to know there's people out there reading this.


  3. Tim,

    I've met the guy who runs FAA a couple of times at conventions and he seemed like an ok guy to me. I do think that FAA is a one man operation so maybe that's why he hasn't gotten back to you.

    And not only am I reading your blog (and admiring your awesome figures) it inspired me to start my own.