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Campaign for Kümer – Year Four Summer

The Map

In the south the army of the Sapphic League of Unity and Togetherness Finally subdued the Isle of Anasterele – largely because most of the inhabitants sailed away to the western slands…

The Armies of Ronarok marched from their capitol to the Dwarven stronghold of Wienglenn and through trickery and subversion of the worst sort had stormed the mountain fastness before the Dwarves scarcely knew they were under attack!

The Army of Valishog was pursued into their homelands by both the Elves and Dwarves. At Dolj they made a stand...

The Second Battle of Dolj

(remember; click on the pics to see a bigger version – sorry about the grainy quality I must have had it on some high ISO setting or something…)

The Elf and the Orc lines approach.

The Elves stalled for a bit waiting for the Dwarves to catch up…

..and arrive they did! (though I don't recall them actually DOING anything in the battle... something to do with prancing-dancing elfies always getting in their way....)

Orc warg riders tried to ride down some Elvish archers in the woods…

…and were wiped out! (whoops...!)

Elvish riders isolated a unit of Orc blades, but the unit held on despite repeated attempts by the Elves to envelope and annahilate them.

Vladimead Votostogish and his personal body guard went after the flanking Elvish archers in the woods.

…and was once again wounded in battle (someone forgot that heroes are “mounted” and don’t like fighting in woods – of course they don’t! No one can SEE them doing their… uh… heroic deeds and stuff in the woods!)

Elvish archers surrounded the Orc archers…

…and made pin cushions of them!

One unit of elvish outriders found themselves caught between a magician and a hard place…

…and being forced to recoil into the impassible mountain were disordered enough that they were obliged to retire off the table.

The right of the Elvish line continued rolling up the flank…

…and the orcs gave up Dolj…

Country: Tria Nomina (Vassal of the Ilferien)
Race: Humans
Head(s) of State: Aculeo Bibaculus Mediocrito, Imperator of Tria Nomina
Commander of the Field Army:
Capitol: Praenomen
Other Cities: Nomen, Agnomen
Location of Field Army: Praenomen
Prestige Points: 11
Army Size: 24AP

Country: The Sapphic League of Unity and Togetherness
Race: Mixed – WOMEN!!
Head(s) of State: Myrah the Mighty, Chairperson of the Council of Empowerment of the Sapphic League of Unity and Togetherness.
Commander of the Field Army: General Libby
Capitol: Thatcherton
Other Cities: Bhutto, Beauvoir, Otisburg, Marrow, Crudd, Anasterele
Location of Field Army: Anasterele
Prestige Points: 24
Army Size: 14AP

Country: The Ilferien
Race: Ilferien (Elves)
Head(s) of State: Consul Rhalasa
Commander of the Field Army: Consul Sundiasen
Capitol: Melitele
Other Cities: Wynstrele, Dyladele, Cognomen,
Location of Field Army: Dolj
Prestige Points: 16
Army Size: 16AP

Country: Toctland (Vassal of The Ilferien)
Race: Dwarves
Head(s) of State: King Malaius MacDoogleg
Commander of the Field Army: General Gilgidi MacAuslin
Capitol: Ghillebrae
Other Cities: Toctglenn, Dolj
Location of Field Army: Toctglenn
Prestige Points: 2
Army Size: 10AP

Country: Ronarok
Race: Humans
Head(s) of State: King Claudius Hrosskellsen
Commander of the Field Army: Jarl Thorvald Skardsen
Capitol: Ludharn
Other Cities: Skohln, Marhan, Weinglenn,
Location of Field Army: Ludharn
Prestige Points: 14
Army Size: 22AP

Country: Transil-Valishog-Atania
Race: Orcs
Head(s) of State: Vladimeag Votostogish (Vlad the Kinslayer)
Commander of the Field Army:
Capitol: Brasog
Other Cities: Gorj,
Location of Field Army: Retiring to Brasog
Prestige Points: 12
Army Size: 16AP

Country: Grummsh
Race: Orcs
Head of State: Bolg Skullcrusher
Other Cities:
Location of Field Army: Disbanded
Prestige Points: 8
Army Size: Disbanded

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