Saturday, December 11, 2010

Soviet Tanks – Dead Germans

I finished up two of the T-34s and a the rest of my German casualties.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The tanks are from West Wind Productions.

Most of these Germans are also from West Wind Productions, but there’s a couple from Artizan Designs as well (they’re actually Afrika Korps dead posing as their continental European counterparts…)

Bring up the exposure and the yellow and everything looks all sunny and warm… unfortunately the reality is a much different picture here in Saskatoon at the moment…

Overcast, snowing and -28°C… Well there was a brief lull in the snowing during which I went out and shoveled and then quickly took these pics.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Oh… I don’t know… So many projects so little time… I’ll hopefully stay on target and work on some more WW2 stuff, though I’m not entirely sure what… I guess the rest of the T-34s would make most sense… recently finished Quartered Safe Out Here (finally!) so it's tempting to work on some Japanese... but I'm also starting a book on the Eastern Front... so that could keep me focused on finishing the T-34s and some opponents...


  1. Great job as always. Keep warm. I have the air conditioner cranked up to full where I am.

  2. They aren´t all dead!!! The one in the middle is stil standing!! FIRE!!

  3. Seeing all that snow in my old home town brings back memories of wargaming and hot chocolate.

  4. minus 28, no thanks, I'll stick with my sunny 35.
    Good to see your motoring through the figures, someone has to. I've stalled again, too many G&T's by the pool.

  5. Lovely work Tim as always.

    Is that snow in the background?

    I'm having issues with my paint drying on the brush at the moment due to the tropical temps in Canberra.



  6. I'm having the same problem - but the exact opposite climactic conditions causing it!? Because the air is so COLD here in the northern winter, the air gets very, VERY dry - and paint dries in brushes quite quickly...