Thursday, October 20, 2016

British Army of Indian for The Men Who Would Be Kings

This is a small force from the Army of British India I have cobbled together for The Men Who Would Be Kings. Most of the figures – the Gurkhas and Indians and their officers – I painted nearly 30 years ago. They were on 20mmx2mm card bases until a few years ago when I rebased them onto MDF multi-figure bases to make them into a DBA/HOTT force, and now I’ve rebased them to fit with all my other individually-based 19th century stuff. Conveniently there are just enough of them to make a Field Force for The Men Who Would Be Kings!

Unfortunately I don’t really have any OPPONENTS for them… But they’re ready for action for whenever I do happen to put something together.

Most of the figures were from Ral Partha, the exceptions being the Highlanders (who were mostly made by my friend John and lead by and officer and Piper from Minifigs) and the Gurkha officer, which is from Rafm.

I know, I know... the British officers probably should have uniforms that match the forces they are leading… I wasn’t so concerned with such details 30 years ago, and I can’t bothered to repaint them at this point.

I thought I would use the British 1879 list from The Men Who Would Be Kings

The entire field force.

I thought I would use the British 1879 list from The Men Who Would Be Kings:

3x Regular Infantry (@6 points each = 18 points)
1x Well Drilled Crewed Weapon (@6 points)

I’d like to make the Gurkhas (and maybe the Highlanders) “Fierce” to do this I could either downgrade the Indian and Gurkha units to “Poorly Armed” or downgrade the Gun to “Poorly Drilled”. There’s also a “Gurkha” special rule that allows them to move through difficult terrain without being slowed down, but that’s also a +1 point upgrade… I suppose I could downgrade the gun to “Poorly Drilled” and the Gurkhas to “Poorly Armed” to add that in as well…? I guess I don’t have to worry about this until I actually have someone for them to fight… Things to consider, though.

British Highlanders
Fierce Regular Infantry? (7 points)

Regular Infantry (6 points)

Fierce, Poorly Armed, Gurkha Regular Infantry?  (7 points)

Indian Artillery
Poorly Drilled Field Gun?  (4points)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Some machine-guns and mortars, then the 1st (Western Ontario) Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force. 


  1. A great looking force, I particularly like the gurkhas and highlanders so I guess you need some afghans!
    Best Iain

    1. I totally do need some Afghans... but that's a project for another year. Got to stay focused!

  2. All of it wonderful in some way but the highlanders are the pick of the crop mate.

    1. Thanks Millsy!

      I think the Highlanders probably stand out because they were painted a lot more recently - like a few decades more recently!

  3. Hi, Tim,

    Late to the game as usual here. Great looking figures! For my games, I give the Indians obsolete rifles to reflect the policy of the British Indian Army to equip 'native' troops with weapons one generation behind those issued to the British soldiers. For example, when the British issued Martini-Henry rifles for the Second Anglo-Afghan War, the Indian soldiers were equipped with Snider-Enfields. As far as TMWWBK is concerned, this frees up a few points that can be used for upgrades like Gurkha or Fierce. cheers