Saturday, October 22, 2016

Twilight Imperium

I finally got to try out Twilight Imperium (Third Edition). My friend John brought his copy over to set up and play through a few turns - just to teach the game Rob, Bob, The Boy and myself. We'll have to set aside a whole day some time to get through a complete game. 

I really like the game - there's a LOT going on in it and it seemed a little overwhelming at first. by the time we were done playing I felt like I more or less had the basic mechanics figured out, I'm feeling like the strategy was still a bit beyond me at this point.

I was red. Because red make you go faster! (not really). I kind of goofed up my last turn because I was somehow mistakenly under the impression that a law we had passed the previous turn was only valid for THAT TURN ONLY (not suggesting that was anyone's fault but my own, just sayin'). By the time I'd realized my mistake we'd already selected Strategies for the turn... Ah well, the game was all about learning. Now we just need to set up a game before I FORGET everything I learned today!

In other news - I did finish up the 1st battalion last night and just need to put some grassy clumps on teh bases and should have pictures up tomorrow.

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