Saturday, October 1, 2016

September Challenge – Part Four

30 Games in 30 Days – Week Four

Originally we set out to play a different game every day in the month of September. In Week Three we ended up skipping a day.. or maybe two…? And then after ToonCon I think we were pretty much gamed out and gave up on the challenge.

On Monday the kids and I slept in and… I don’t even remember what happened the rest of the day…?

Tuesday I got the kitds Education Plans done for the year and posted blogs about Week Three and ToonCon and REGINA TRENCH: the Game! and REGINA TRENCH: the Terrain!

At one point I took a break and found the kids actually playing Sentinel Tactics - a game we picked up in the ToonCon Game Auction. They didn’t even invite me to play… Figured out the rules on their own, set it up, played a few games…

One Wednesday we tried out another game I picked up in the ToonCon Game Auction - Star Trek: Five Year Mission. I like it. It's challenging - and it's co-operative and pretty easy. It'd be a good gateway game for trekkies. I might even try it with my dad some time. 

All week I was fighting off a bug I think I picked up on the weekend – had a scratchy throat Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday. By Thursday it was a full-on cold. We didn’t play any games on Thursday. I mostly lay in bed and sniffled and coughed.

Friday I dragged my ass out of bed long enough to have another game of Star Trek: Five Year Mission - this time with Amanda. I totally forgot to take a picture.

And that was September. In the end we totally played over 30 different games… we just missed playing games on a few days… So while we technically didn't succeed in the "Challenge", It'd still it a success! 

The Men Who Would Be Kings arrived on Monday (or maybe Tuesday...? It's all a bit of a blur...) – which I was totally thankful for – arriving Monday, that is… not last week - because it would have totally distracted me! I’m really, REALLY looking forward to trying it out soon-ish! Might even use them for Great War in Africa - or possibly modifying it to use for the Vimy Project...? 


  1. Dude, I know how you feel, I have been out of it since Tuesday.

    1. I know...

      And you're not getting better yet!?


  2. Being among the masses at ToonCon, not surprised that a bug found you.
    As for your gaming challenge, I would tally September as a success. Man! You are a busy guy!

    1. Yeah, September was a bit mad. I mean, beyond all the games and terrain and stuff I've mentioned on the blog, all the kids activities kicked into high gear - The Girl is taking six (SIX!) dance classes this year, violin, drama, swimming, climbing, and karate!? (and she constantly wonders why she never has time to paint miniatures!?). Even The Boy, who managed to streamline and drop a few activities last year is back doing two dance classes, violin, drama, climbing, swimming (at a totally different date, time and location as The Girl) - and D&D every other week...

      Every year I say "we need to cut down on some of these activities and just have free time to... well... play games together or... whatever...!?" and everyone agrees with me in principle... (especially in May and June when they're just plain TIRED of it all...) and then September rolls around and everyone signs up for a pile of activities - because they can't decide which ones to drop!?

      sorry... ended up being a bit of a rant there... um... Yes.. we were busy.

    2. And on top of all of that was a few full day or weekend things - ToonCon last weekend, the Saskatoon Comic and Entrainment Expo the week before, and this weekend was Pediatric Diabetes Day (we didn't even make it to the Prairie Paladin Medieval and Renaissance faire). Earlier this week the Best or the Radical Reelz film festival rolled through town and the following evening Hayden was playing at the Broadway with his Everything I Long for 20th Anniversary Tour (and I thought: "That ain't right, Amanda and I were AT the Everything I Long For Tour tour performance at Louis' pub... that COULDN'T be 20 years ago already...!? Could it" (It was...).

    3. Wow! Your kids have neither the time nor energy to get into any mischief! Well done to you and Amanda!

  3. I'm thinking about doing something similar with my (gaming) kids. Great inspiration this.