Thursday, October 13, 2016


More Zulus…

Another break from the Great War to finish up two more units for my Zulu force for The Men Who Would Be Kings. These were largely done because a) I’d really like to try out The Men Who Would Be Kings and b) these were pretty low hanging fruit – in that I painted four small groups of five to finish up four 20-figure units! Unfortunately this doesn’t COMPLETE a 24-point force… so now what…? To finish the force I need to paint up two more units – of 20 figures each!

I guess I do have a bunch of musket armed Zulus I could cobble together into a unit (or possibly TWO) of 15  guys – I’d probably class them as Irregulars, and maybe either Poor Shots or downgrade to Antiquated Muskets, but with Fieldcraft…? That could make a 24 point force... 

I do have enough British done for a 24-point field force already done.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The recently painted chaps – more unmarried Zulus from Wargames Foundry.

I’m going to need to get around to painting some MARRIED Zulus at some point!

One of the units finished up by this lot. (can you tell which are the new ones?)

The other unit finished up by this lot. 

The entire force – so far… with the two units of zulus with pilfered firearms it could be fielded as a 24-point Field Force! 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have another unmarried unit sitting one the workbench (because all the unmarried Zulus require manufacturing spear and then gluing them on along with shields – the unmarried ones are assembled, primed, and ready to go (again with the low-hanging fruit!). 

Or perhaps I'll just play a few games with the two units of musket armed Zulus and get back to doing Great War stuff!!


  1. You do Zulus well! This is one period in which I have not been tempted. Oh wait. I take that back. I did have a small collection of 1/72nd plastics for the Zulu Wars. My Zulus did not look as nice as yours.

    1. Thanks Jonathan! It is challenging to make anything look good when you're pallet is black, white, and four different shades of brown...

    2. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not really sure what ever drew me to this period...?

      I like the movie Zulu, I guess...?

      I think what started it all was I found a batch of foundry and BTD zulus on ebay for dirt cheap... and then added some more BTD zulus when they were having one of their mega sales!

    3. Speaking of the limited pallet (especially black) reminds me of a friend from years ago. He was building a Zulu Wars project in 15mm using Old Glory figures. His method for painting Zulus? Lay down a base coat of white spray paint (or primer. I forget which) and then proceed to paint them black or rubber. Took him FOREVER. He got a lot of ribbing about his methods! Don't know if he ever finished that project.

      Zulu is a GREAT movie.

    4. What I should really do is the Boxer Rebellion - lots of colour there - and an excuse to have a unit from every European colonial power...

  2. Great looking zulus, another period I'm doing my best to resist. These do look nice though. ...
    Best Iain

  3. An imposing force mate! I think Zulus really suit your bold style. And as to Boxer Rebellion, I am seriously considering that myself.

    1. Thanks Millsy!

      When I took the picture that was the first time I'd put them on the table together and had the same feeling - that's quite the imposing force - and I don't even have HALF of the zulus miniatures I own painted!? Imagine if I ever got to doing all of them!? I'm curious to see how Men Who Would be Kings plays out as the opposing 24-point British force is just three units of 15 and a gun of some sort.

      Boxer Rebellion - DO IT!