Thursday, August 2, 2012

Modern US in NBC Gear

These are the main reason I placed that big order with North Bay Games and Hobbies - In and upcoming adventure there’s… well… a bit of a catastrophic disaster, which takes places in the USA. I figured I could do with some modern US troops which would have been deployed to the area… and it’s a disaster zone that could be contaminated by some chemical or biological (or supernatural that is mistaken for biological or chemical) agents.

I knew NBGH had some assault group stuff and it was on sale, so I went to check to see what they had and discovered the Assault group stuff was considerabley more deeply discounted… $5 per pack… and MOST of them were 8 figure packs – how could I go wrong - so I ordered most of what they had left… Unfortunately this was the only really useful pack of Americans (there was also an “Agents and Operatives” pack – which will be useful for other things, but not the game I had in mind) and this pack – and the Agents and Operatives – were the ONLY four figure packs in the whole she-bang!? DOH!? Oh well…

I also got a PILE of Modern British – mostly SAS. I ordered THREE PACKS of the SAS with silenced weapons… Now, considering I already HAVE this pack – and it was ane eight figure pack – why would I need 24 MORE of the same dudes!? Well, I figured one pack I would paint in a plain tan uniform with black equipment and try to pass them off as members of a private security company of some sort (which may very well be deployed to the same disaster area!). Another pack I thought I’d paint up as Africans – to be the private guard for African Warlord/General/Dictator (scroll down, he’s near the bottom)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

These four are from The Assault Group.

I’m not totally excited with make up and  poses of the pack. Some of the Assault Group packs are hit and miss with me – especially some of the moderns. This is the only pack of marines in NBC gear… say I wanted more than just one fire team… I’d end up with a force where one in four is getting ready to fire a rocket, and one in four is holding his M249 upright and signaling for someone to stop or something…?

There is a pack of Delta force in NBC gear, which are similarly equipped and would be a great addition to this team… I think I'll have to order one... (DOH!) 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

A few more modern types… then hopefully back to some WW2 and ancient Greeks… and the Great War!


  1. The look great - I love TAG figures. Best, Dean

  2. Nicely done; your patience with the camo (two tones of brown on the tan base!) puts me to shame.

  3. Bring work Tim - all ready for the battle of Yonkers ;) shame though there's only one pack of Marines available though ;)

  4. Looking good Tim! Loving the camo pattern especially.