Thursday, August 23, 2012

MORE Soviet Naval Infantry

West Wind Productions is currently having a 10th Anniversary SALE (30% off Berlin or Bust and Arthurian Ranges…). How could I resist adding some more Naval Infantry - especially ones with rifles (since a ridiculous number of the ones I already have are armed with sub-machineguns).

I also picked up some Soviet and German Staff (possible targets for Pulpy assassination raid scenarios?) and some early war British (well… SCOTTISH!) Highlanders in kilts (just… don’t ask…).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The figures from West Wind Productions.

The whole force (growing larger). Damn, that's pretty much a full platoon I've got there now!? What ever shall I DO with them all!? 

Some comparison pics:

From Left to Right: Black Tree Design, West Wind, Bolt Action, West Wind, Black Tree Design, Bolt Action, West Wind, Bolt Action.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Great War Cavalry or The early war Highlanders (in kilts!) or maybe more of the Soviets, since I’m on a roll with them… I have only the staff, a couple scout/snipers, and a handful of NKVD to finish up and the whole force is COMPLETE (until I buy some more…) Oh, and I think there might be a couple tanks that need finishing up. Seriously what more could I possibly ever want to get for the WW2 Soviets!? (Well, probably some more naval infantry – I’d use the Back of Beyond Bolshevik Sailors from Copplestone Castings to add some more rifles to the unit… the uniform and equipment look more or less the same… Of course considering I have a full platoon already, that would probably be a bit silly… WHEN am I EVER going to need THAT MANY Soviet sailors!? (Not that that has ever stopped me from buying and painting stuff before…). 


  1. Hi, Tim

    Are the EW Highlanders WWI or WWII, and who makes them? AFAIK, the Queen's Own Camerons were the only WWII unit to make evade the banning of the kilt long enough to make it to France in 1940, but there were a fair few kilties in the trenches in WWI!

    Will B

    1. They are WW2 and I picked them up in the West Wind Sale. I recognize they have very limited use, but I thought it might be fun to do some France 1940 scenarios with the odd kilted highlander in the mix... I figure they could also be used in some Pulp/VBCW games...

    2. ...though I do also have some Early WW1 Highlanders from Great War Minis that I need to get around to painting... to add to the Renegade Minis ones I already have!

    3. Cool. Looking forward to seeing them!

  2. Swaw the sale so far I have resisted but your lovely models aren't helping :(
    Great paint job.

  3. Lovely stuff, Tim. I just love the look of those Soviet naval infantry.

  4. Your Russian naval infantry looks ideally suited to participate in a raid somewhere on the Kerch Peninsula or the Crimean coast. It could try to destry a bridge, a gun battery or a small port harboring an E-Boat. Why not?