Sunday, August 19, 2012

French Foreign Legionnaires

A unit of the Legionnaires finally finished

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The figures are from Artizan Designs “March or Die” line. I’d picked up a couple of packs when they first came out – thinking I might use them on Mars (as I was excited about Space:1889 at the time). But didn’t get to painting more than two.

Earlier this year North Star Figures had a bargain bag sale of various different lines – the figures were ones that had cast fine, but others in the mould hadn’t and thus had to be melted down for re-casting leaving incomplete packs. The figures that had tunred out alright were put into bargain bags and sold at deeply discounted prices. Most of the bargain bags were very wide selections – a WW2 Bargain Bag” or a “Medieval Bargain Bag” – which might be useful if you didn’t have ANYTHING from that particular era and just wanted to pick up a few samples… not so useful when you’re trying to fill out a particular unit or army… They, however, offered a “French Foreign Legion Bargain Bag”… well being that specific, how could I go wrong there were ten figures in a bag – I have units of 15 – so I ordered three bags! Huzzah! These are all figures from said bargain bags and, as you can see, there’s a LOT of one particular figure (presumably that one cast very well while others in the same mould… not so much…)

I have a total of three units of Legionnaires. One unit in sun helmets, two in covered kepis. This is the first I’ve completed. I’m not sure when I’ll get to the others…. Perhaps when I get interested in colonial conflicts again.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

There’s a handful of modern-ist types on the workbench as well as a whole lot of Great War Cavalry!? The WW2 Soviets and paras and ancient Greeks still lurk in the back areas…

I finished up placing sandbags on the Vimy terrain square I was working on and covered the whole mess with dark brown paint – when I finish the detail painting I’ll post some more pics of that. 


  1. Really love the period Tim and all what is stands for in the theme of things.

    Lovely work and can't wait to see more.



    1. Thanks Helen, I love the period too. It's kind of the last really colourful period.... unless you consider camouflage "colourful"... Certainly the last time primary colours were used! These guys I'm hoping I can make use of from the late 1800s right up to the Great War without anyone getting too angry at me!

  2. Ditto what Helen said. Nice work, especially the blue of their coats. That rig couldn't have been much fun to wear in the desert.