Monday, August 13, 2012

The Preacher, the General, and the Cyclops

A slight diversion and change of plans… Oh the rest of the Foreign Legionnaires are still on the workbench, but the next up items were needing base gooping, as were the follow-on items (ZOMBIES!) and some machine-gun teams that were also “on deck” would need some base-gooping. And I like to have the base-gooping done beforehand – at least for individually based figures (because I can) – so that when I’m done painting all I have to do is dry brush on the lighter browns and presto, I’m done! Rather than having to goop them after paiting and then wait over night for it to dry and then dry brush and flock, etc…

So instead of the as-planned Legionnaires, I painted up the MG gunners last night and glued them down to their bases and did some base-gooping… so those machinegunners are just waiting for the base goop to dry and they’ll likely get posted tomorrow… THEN I’ll get to those Legionnaires… THEN the cops… THEN the Zombies… It’s almost like I have a plan…  

And these...?! Well, I just happen to be working them up at the same time as the Machine-gunners and they happen to be gooped previously, so I was able to finish them right off. 

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The Preacher-man and the General here are from Great War Miniatures. The General, I think was stuck in some green stuff on the washer-base and dried with a little lean forwards…? It kind of makes him look like he’s rocking forward on the balls of his feet to have a good listen.

Cyclops from Reaper Miniatures for a Greek Mythology Hordes of the Things army.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Great War Canadian machine-gunners, French Foreign Legionnaires, Modern Cops, Zombies… roughly in that order… maybe a game report or two… 


  1. Love the cyclops - I was just shopping for one an hour ago and did not find one I like. Back to Reaper to see what they have available.

  2. The cyclops is great! I didn't know that Reaper did a Ray Harryhausen inspired cyclops.