Friday, August 31, 2012

Great War Odds and Sods

A few odd items I finished up this week…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Great War German pioneers with flamethrowers from Renegade Miniatures.

A German Dragoon from Wargames Foundry and a French Dragoon bugler from Great War Miniatures.

They seem fairly comparable... French horse might be a bit taller... German rider might be a tad fatter... 

French Buglers Great War Miniatures on the left, Renegade Miniatures on the right.

From the side it's a bit more clear that the Renegade horsies are considerably larger. 

Finally a French Foreign Legion officer from Artizan Designs. Not Great War, per se… (but could probably be passed off as such).

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

All sorts of Great War Cavalry on the Workbench, along with a slew of WW2 Soviets (some of which I’ve actually been working on), and a handful of modern stuff…

Actually in terms of Great War Cavalry there is the rest of the unit of German Dragoons that are well under way – horsies more or less finished. There is a unit of Indian cavalry men – which are based and repaired and primed and ready to go. There is the rest of the unit of French Dragoons – the officer and one dragoon are underway, the rest require some repair and shortening of lances (so they will fit in my storage boxes)… There’s a unit of Great War British on the way from England. Maelstrom Games is moving warehouses and had a warhouse clearance sale – 30% off – so I picked up enough later war British to do a unit of Canadians – one of those “wouldn’t it be nice to do someday” units…. Of course the day after I ordered them Paul from Saber’s Edge was having a little Online Garage Sale of his personal never-going-to-get-painted lead pile… and wouldn’t you know it – there’s some more Great War stuff – including the Old Glory bag o’British Cavalry – which was also on the “wouldn’t it be nice to do someday – if I ever needed a SECOND unit of late war Cavalry” list… Aye-yi-yi… anyway, THEY’VE arrived and are based and primed and ready to go on the workbench. So I have two units (of the three) for the Canvadian Cavalry Brigade… Which shall I do them as? Lord Strathcona’s Horse? Royal Canadian Dragoons? Fort Garry Horse?

Oh and while I was delirious with saving monies I broke down and ordered myself a regiment worth of 1914 French from Maelstrom as well… and some Machine-guns to support them… and some Belgians… and… um… soviet zombies… 


  1. Very nice work Tim. Got a bunch of WW1 cav to do myself. After looking at your guys I am tempted to get them out!

  2. Paint them as Canadian Light Horse and you can do the Battle of Iwuy - combined arms action with German tanks (beutepanzers plus A7V) and infantry vs Canadian cavalry, Brutinel's Motorised Machine Gun Brigade (Canadian armoured cars!) and of course bog-standard infantry and arty.

  3. I need to paint more Atizan design miniatures. Just do not have enough of them and they paint up nicely. Well done on the one shown here.