Thursday, August 9, 2012

Great War British Cavalry

Carrying on with things Great War-ish and Horsie-mounted…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

These are from Renegade Miniatures. I had a mounted command pack for quite some time – originally thinking I’d use just them as Generals and Staff Officers in Contemptible Little Armies – but then added to this a Regiment pack for a totally of 11. I’ve used the officer from the command pack as a General officer and the rest have become a unit of 10 cavalry.

The same, in column.

The spare officer acting as a mounted General.

I like these – except they have the same issues with not enough of the thin little legs in contact with the base to support the bulk of the great hordie-body and rider as the French Cavalry

Speaking of those French Cavalry, after further reading I discovered a number of Chasseurs à Cheval were detached from their regiments to Infantry Divisions for scouting/screening/etc duties. So I may just keep what I’ve got and not bother with a second unit and bringing this one up to “full strength”. Not that I have any Great War French infantry to attach them to!? Next time Renegade has a 5 for 4 sale I’ll probably pick up a few… and some Germans… Hopefully next year some time…!?

Dang it… I just got an announcement in my email that the Renegade pack prices are going up – that clever ploy everyone seems to be doing these days to get suckers (like me) to buy a boatload of stuff before the price increase… I must resist… I must resist…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Um… Might be more Great War stuff… or WW2… or Modern… of Greek… I had cleared off the painting table briefly over the weekend, but a large amount of clutter has since reappeared there… 


  1. Gorgeous looking horses and riders Tim.

  2. These guys look fantastic Tim. Tempted to dig out the box of Renegade German cav that are waiting for some paint!

  3. Those are great looking models! I love your wide painting tastes. Gives me hope I'm not a nut job :)

  4. ...or we're both nuttier than fruit cake! cheers!

  5. Beautiful work Tim! If you do decide to order some more Renegade let me know and I'll tack on a few packs and share the shipping with you.

    1. Thanks Curt! I very likely won't be making an order. I've bought enough (more than enough!) this year already. It's time to get some painting done! If they have another 5-for-4 sale at the end of the year, I'll probably get in on that, though.

  6. These look really amazing. The photos really show off the detail in the models and your superb painting skills. Well done. I just finished up a batch of Perry Miniature Mounted Men at Arms and I am going to go back at them a bit, inspired by you.