Sunday, October 23, 2016

Two Games of 7 Wonders

Yesterday, after our game of Twilight Imperium, Amanda, The Boy, and myself sat down to play a couple games of 7 Wonders (with Leaders).

(The Girl was over at Auntie Margies to do some knitting and then went over to my folks for a sleepover.)

At the end of the first game Amanda was getting her pout on as she felt she had done horribly – She’d done some science, but felt she hadn’t really done enough of any one thing to have won. Well… she didn’t win… by a point…

I’d had two leaders that dealt with blue cards (civic structures) – one gave me and exptra victory point for each blue card and another allowed me to place one with one less resource available (which, in the end, only helped me place two cards – the rest I got because they were free or I had a previous card that allowed me to place it without paying).

I thought The Boy was going to crush it with all the green (Science!) cards he grabbed.

In the end I won (by one point) and I was only able to do so because on the very last round of the 3rd age I placed a military card – in a game where NO ONE had gone for ANY military – which gained me 10 points (and lost them one each). I ended up with 67 points, Amanda 66 and The Boy somehow trailed behind at 48?!

In the second game I was excited because I got to play Wil. I ended up with a mish-mash of stuff that seemed like none were giving me a LOT of points. Amanda also felt she hadn’t done very well. When we totaled it up we hadn’t done quite as well as the previous game – we both scored 57 points – and The Boys scored 56!? Can you get a closer game? (I guess if it’d been a three way tie that would have been closer).

During the leader selection phase at the beginning of the game I’d passed on Plato and then kicked myself when Amanda passed me Justinian – as they both gain victory points for similar things (collecting sets of different cards). I ended up passing on Justinian and hoped The Boy didn’t end up with both. He did and I thought he was going to crush us as he collected up sets of stuff, but it didn’t do so well as collecting sets of sciencey things, as I was trying to do, or Military victories, as Amanda was going.

This was fun, and a bit different as the last few games I've played of seven wonders have been bigger 5-6-7 player games. I think I like the bigger games better, but this was still a lot of fun. 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

1st (Western Ontario) Battalion, CEF – like in about five minutes. I’d considered posting them along with this little game report, but then decided it’d be better posting them as separate things…

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