Saturday, February 1, 2014

Yet Another Game of Ronin

One more game of Ronin – Skirmish Wargames in the Age of the Samurai to report on this weekend. Only THREE WEEKS to the 10th Annual Wargaming Birthday Bash/Winter Wargaming Weekend! Rick, Dave and Patrick showed up this week to play.


We played the Skirmish Scenario.

Both our minor objectives were to kill 75% of the other Buntai

I think we rolled nine turns for the game length!

It was night.


Heavy Armour, Katana, Wakazishi, Naginata
Command, Naginatajutsu, Intuition, Powerful
46 points

Heavy Armour, Katana, Wakazishi, Teppo
Command, Hojutsu
@30 points each

2x Ashigaru
Medium Armour, Armour, Katana, Yari
@18 points each

2x Ashigaru
Medium Armour, Armour, Katana, one with Yumi, one with Teppo
@18 points each

=148 Points

Sohei Buntai #2 - Tim and Patrick

Grand Master
Medium Armour, Katana, Naginata
Fearless, Najinatajutsu, Fast, Powerful
45 points

3x Sohei
2x Bandit Gashira
Medium Armour, Katana, Naginata
Fearless, Najinatajutsu,
@29 points each

1x Initiate
NO Armour, Katana, Teppo
15 points



(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

End of Turn One – everyone charging towards each other in the dark.

(ooh, I forgot to use the light-for-dark blue lens… dangit… just pretend it looks like night time!)

End of Turn Two? A few wild shots were fired off in the dark… for some reason I think the monks wounded on e of the Ashigaru – but I didn’t take a picture or make note…

Turn Three – The Lion clan’s Bushou messed up the Grand Master and one of the Sohei – some lucky rolls were involved – otherwise I don’t think it would have been QUITE so one-sided…

The Sohei fighting the sole Ashigaru messed him up a bit, though…

Yeah, that injured Ashigaru charging the sohei Initiate with the Teppo – he was wounded on Turn Two… The wounded monk was hit by an Ashigaru with a bow. The Teppos all did NOTHING all game. I think one got off a single shot each – and missed (or perhaps stunned someone…?)

Had this been the tournament it was generally agreed that this would have been a good point to call it for the Monks. The lion Clan would have gotten the win, but no one would have gained any victory points…? Grand master and a Sohei would have had to sit out a game or two…?

Was this another turn…? we did play to seven and there may have been a turn here where everyone hammered on each other and had no effect.

Oh, maybe it was the teppo that caused the light wound that finished off this Sohei…?

So still nothing going on in the battle between the Grand Master and Bushou, but the other Sohei has killed an Ashigaru and Grievously wounded another, and the Initiate has killed another Ashigaru and is holding his own against the Samurai. Things weren’t looking totally terrible for the Sohei at this point.

And then the initiate took a light wound…

And then The Bushou finished off the Grand Master and a Sohei – not really a fair trade for the Sohei killing another Ashigaru.

And the Samurai killed the initiate… (and took his head)

And then the Grandmaster stepped in and killed the remaining Sohei (after taking the head of hte Grand master)… and took the Sohei’s head as well…

So… The Lion Clan scored 16 victory points for the ranks of Sohei killed, +3 for Heads taken, and +5 for achieving a minor objective, for a total of 24 Victory Points! Yowza!

The Sohei chalked up a loss and scored only 3 victory points (for the three dead Ashigaru)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I should have a bit of painting update to post in the next day or so… Just waiting on Curt to post stuff up on Analogue Hobbies (as part of the Fourth Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge) I have a second Buntai of Sohei completed (the ones I used in this game tonight, actually) and some Super Heroes and a French Napoleonic gun and crew!?

Not going to get in a game next Saturday as we’ll be out to the Symphony… Hopefully I’ll get a few games in during the week with the kids or something!?

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