Sunday, April 20, 2008

20mm WW2 Russians

I know what you’re thinking… “How could he POSSIBLY have any more 20mm WW2 armies…!?” I know that’s what I’M thinking!

So… Russians…

Never was a huge fan of the Eastern Front… Of course it is THE front for ALL of the guys I play WW2 with… so…

They certainly will be versatile. These lads will, if they ever get painted, get to fight my Early War Germans, The Fallshirmjagers, the Italians, and the Late War SS. I even thought I’d do a scenario where fighting breaks out between the Canadian Paras and 3rd Russian Tank Corps when they refused to stop for he Canadian’s Roadblock at Wismar!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

HUZZAH! Russian Cavalry! There are some Combat Miniatures here, some plastic horses from Empire Games, some WW1 Russian Cavalry of unknown origin, and even three horses and two riders from Grenadiers old Twilight: 2000 line!

Soviet Naval Infantry. Almost a battalion of them! These are from Figures, Armour, Artillery USA.

Russian AAMG… I don’t actually see stats for any Russian AA in the BKC book… or even anywhere that it shows up in any Russian OOB/TO&E… Hmmmmm pretty model… Not sure what to do with it.

The plastic stuff. From left to right: an HQ, Almost a battalion of infantry (8 stands), 3 HMG stands and two mortar, a CO, another Infantry battalion, and an HQ for the second battalion. These are all from ESCI or Italeri.

The CO is kind of ugly – I’d like to replace it with something… well.. nicer at some point.

The Infantry battalion on the right are all in winter uniform – many of them are even on skis which limits their usefulness…. So another battalion might be handy if I ever wanted to field an entire regiment in the summer….

I’m not sure of the make of the T-72. I got it at this large antique mall/flea market type thing and then gave it to a friend who was interested in doing Russians – he gave it back to me a couple years later after he abandoned 20mm…. the two IS-2 are from the new Italeri Fast-assembly line-up. I don’t really care to have big late war tanks, but, like the Jagdpanther it was the only thing available at the time and I wanted to check them out. I could always use them with post war Chinese (If I ever did an army of those) or with my “AK-47 Republic” African forces.

A pile of Platoon 20 that just took a pinesol bath. From left to right: 2 stands of Pioneers, 1stand of scouts, 3 stands of SMGs, half a battalion of regular infantry (5 stands), 2 HMGs, 1 mortar, and two HQs


Russian Infantry Regiment

RHQ/CO - HAVE: 1 To Paint, NEED TO GET: ?

Infantry Gun Battery
-1x 76mm Infantry Gun Platoons - NEED TO GET

Antitank Gun Battery
-1x 45mm AT gun Platoons - NEED TO GET

Heavy Mortar Battery
-1x 120mm Mortar Platoons - NEED TO GET

Sub-machinegun Company
3x SMG platoon stands - HAVE: 3 To Paint

Antitank Rifle Company?

3x Rifle Battalions
-1/3x HQ - HAVE: 3 To Paint,
-9/27x Infantry Platoon stands - HAVE: 21 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 6
-2/6x MG Platoon stands - HAVE: 5 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 1
-1/3 Mortar Platoon stands - HAVE: 2 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 1

Divisional Assets

Machine-gun Battalion
-3x HMG - NEED TO GET: 3

Reconnaissance Company
1x Scouts - HAVE: 1 To Paint

Pioneer Battalion
3x Pioneers - 2 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 1

FAOs? (or just schedule it ALL!?)
Lots of guns, all off table!

Corps/Army Assets

Tank Battalion
-1-9?x T-34 - HAVE: X Painted, 1 To Repaint, NEED TO GET: 2-8?
2x IS-2 - HAVE: 2 To Paint

Naval Infantry
-HQ - HAVE: 1 Painted – DONE!
-9x Naval Infantry - HAVE: X Painted, NEED TO GET: 2
-1x HMG - HAVE: 1 Painted – DONE!
-1x Sniper – DONE!

Cavalry Regiment
-1x HQ - HAVE: 1 To Paint,
-9x Cavalry Troop stands - 7 To Paint, NEED TO GET: 2

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

20mm Americans (and you thought I was done with the 20mm WW2… HA!)

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