Monday, March 30, 2009

More Orcsie-Nasties

I worked on a pile of Orcs for my Middle Earth Hordes of the Things Armies over the weekend. They are all Lord of the Rings figures from Games Workshop. The metal ones (if you can pick them out) I picked up off ebay over the last couple weeks, and the plastic ones I picked up Saturday afternoon from a local fellow blowing out his LOTR stuff (thanks Paz!).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are Mordor Orcs. They’ll be another Warband – and sometimes a Warband General, at least until I have something better (or “worse”, depending on your point of view) to lead the armies of Mordor.

I have enough to make another four stands of warband and that should probably be enough… I also have a Mordor Troll and then I’d like to add something else… Hmmmmm… maybe an Aerial (anti-)Hero (the Witch-king on fell beast – if I can find one for a not-so-insane price)?

Some Uruk-hai from down Isengard way. Two stands of Shooters and…

…two stands of… uh… Blades…? Warbands…?

I’m definitely going to call the “Fighting Uruk-Hai” sword and shield guys “Blades”. Maybe these guys will be Warband…? They are supposed to be “Scouts” – well that’s what the figures are called… and they look different enough from the Fighting Uruk-Hai (the latter being more heavily armoured).

I was back and forth for a couple of hours in utter torment trying to decide how to base them! In the end I went with the big base as I like the LOOK of Hordes... even though these were going to be blades or warband… even though there’s only 6 guys on each of these bases… (I wanted to put on seven, but just didn’t have the figures – and I wasn’t about to run out and buy a pack of metal ones, or wait around for some to show up cheap-like on ebay, just to pack ‘em on a little more tightly...).

I was thinking when I get the Fighting Uruk-hai (which arrived this morning) I’d definitely put the Spear on some smaller bases (like the shooters above) as they will most often be “ranked up” – of course you can rank up Warbands to get a rear support factor… but I definitely like Warbands on the bigger bases… well… at least ORC warbands…

What about the blades though… probably the smaller bases… Ugh… I think about this too much….

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Alright… I got that out of my system… now to finish the Normans – Two more stands of infantry (Spears), then four more mounted (2x Knights, 1x Cavalry, 1x Light Horse) and to finish off the lot a stand or two of Crossbowmen….

…or maybe I’ll just quickly paint up these two stands of Fighting Uruk Hai…?!

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  1. Man, these look so nice as a unit. I'm used to seeing these models singly. It's interesting how a different base can change the look.