Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ferach Line Infantry

“Ferach” is, I think, what the “French” Elves from Alternative Armies Flintloque/Slaughterloo line of miniatures are called.

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Ferach Line Infantry from the Witchlands campaign.

I wasn’t quite sure whatcolour to paint those greatcoats… snooping around the interwebs (and the one book I have containing pictures of French Napoleonic uniforms) and I found French in Dark Blue, Grey and Light grey great coats. Most that were obviously in Russia were grey… Though perhaps more historical I didn’t want to do them in grey – because the Russians are in grey and I wanted to be able to differentiate them easily (and besides, this ISN’T “historical”, right?) so I sort of split the difference and tried to go with a light bluish-grey… but it turned out more of just a light blue… ah well… (could be a dark blue that's faded after month - or years - of campaigning... )

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Hmmmmm… Probably those British…

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  1. They actually look like they could be used for 1812 Russian campaign. Best, Dean