Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Game Plan 2012 continued – Board Games

As I mentioned in the previous Game Plan 2012 post that, despite the plan to play one board wargame each month, I didn’t get much board wargaming in at all (Warrior Knights, Age of Conan and Chaos in the Old World being the happy exceptions).

I have a wall full of boardgames, 90% of which are (shamefully) still in the original shrinkwrap – I’ll point out that MOST of those games I picked up super cheap from a distributor that was blowing them out (that whole sucker-for-a-good-deal thing). A fair few of them are wargames that I’d never get Amanda or our other gaming (but not WARgaming) friends to play. So I’m thinking of organizing a game day once a month where I will tackle some of the bigger wargames. Hopefully I’ll find a set day (like, say, the third Sunday afternoon…?) and have that set aside as board Wargaming day!

(I’m also thinking of trying to organize an evening once a month to play some of the not-so-war-ish-games… but that’s with an entirely different crowd).

Here are the twelve Board War Games I think I’d like to try:

Age of Conan– 4 players, 90 minutes? (I’m sure we played for over two last time and didn’t’even finish the final age… it’ll be all afternoon!)
Warrior Knights - 6 players, 4 hours
Red Russia - 4 players, 4 hours
Soldier Raj - 5 players, 6 hours
Soldier Kings - 8 players?! 3-8 Hours
Soldier Emperor - 7 players, 4-8 hours
LOTR Risk 4 players, 3 hours
Axis & Allies 5 players, 3 hours (or maybe the 1940 Europe and Pacific version….)
Cults Across America 6 players, 3 hours
Paths of Glory - 2 players, 8 hours!?
Dragons of Glory 2 players, 3 hours (nice potential tie in with my Dragonlance Campaign)
War of 1812 2 players, 90 minutes

There’s a couple of “lighter” ones in there (Risk, Axis & Allies)… Other will definitely take a full afternoon… and others may take the whole afternoon AND part of the evening! I don’t actually OWN War of 1812… but I thought if I get through half of them by June, and I’m still on track with the Battle of Queenston Heights preparations, I thought I might treat myself…

Does this sound like a (pre-)New Years Resolution…? Could be.

Or perhaps I'll just announce the next months game day a month in advance... Quite often I end up with stuff I can't get out of on Sundays... and they're never on a fixed date.... January 1st is looking like a good day to have a game. Now to decide on which one!

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  1. Tim! Pull LOTR Risk from the list and chuck in War of The Ring instead. Recently released in a second edition, if you don't have the 1st allready.

  2. Yeah... When my budget recovers from the recent spending spree... maybe... I've had my eye on it for a bit.

    The LOTR Risk is in there because I have a seven year old Tolkien Fan and hopefully we'll FINALLY finish reading Return of the King this year... and he'd be totally pumped to play it.

  3. Fair enough, WOTR is a bit too meaty for a 7 year old. You could play in teams though, it's a very epic and engaging game and has much more flavour and story than Risk. =) I'd say it's one of the best board games I've ever played - you ought to give it a go at some point.

    Have fun with ROTK - I've only managed to get through the whole series once. x|

  4. If you suddenly feel the need to try WotR, I have it