Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Because I Didn't Have Enough To Do...

Here's a desk shot from last night with some of those Scots I mentioned I was finishing up:

(Remember: click on the pic to see a slightly larger version):

Also on the desk are some other Great War British infantry and gunners... More 1812 stuff... 20mm WW2 Stuff... some sculpting projects...

The aforementioned Scots are up on Analogue Hobbies now and will be posted here tomorrow...

I got them done just in time for some MORE to arrive:

This should make two more units (battalions) of early Great War Scottish (one Highland, one Lowland), and another Brigade of Canadians for the Vimy Project. I ordered them from Maelstrom Games.

Also arriving in the post was part one of the second order from Northstar Miniatures which contained about half of the Norman Army I ordered (Which I will be using to make another Norman/West Frank DBA army). Hopefully part two will arrive tomorrow.


  1. Wow, you are single-handedly keeping the miniature industry afloat this year! I haven't the courage to make large purchases like that any more--good show!

  2. Yeah, doing my bit to keep the economy chugging along... Savin' lotsa money spendin' money I ain't got and all that...

  3. So!! This little lot will give you something to do for the next week or two?? That is like a year or two for me! Great stuff.

  4. Very cool! I LOVE Maelstrom. I don't know how they can do discounts AND offer FREE international shipping. Its amazing. I'm completely their bitch...

    (oh, and I ordered a whack of Great War stuff from them too...)


  5. Love your site. I was wondering how did you get the figure total counter? I'd like to do that on my site too.

  6. Thanks Guys!

    Rodger - I wish I could get this all done in two weeks... at my usual rate this would take about two months.

    Curt - yeah Maelstroms pretty cool - though this is the first time in a long time (if ever) I got dinged for brokerage and GST/PST on a parcel from the UK!?

    sgw74 - it's just a text box - if you look under "design", and "add a gadget", and then "text"... then I just update it whenever I paint or buy stuff... though I haven't updated since this stuff arrived... Anyway, hope that makes sense and helps?