Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sample 1812 Infantryman

As I mentioned in the previous post I finished up some moulds of the first batch of 1812 infantry and got casting them last night. Unfortunately all of the British regulars were miscast – the one, below, was the least messed up so I primed and painted him anyway just to see what he’d look like. (I’ve sorted out the casting issue and should be cranking more of these out shortly…). Before I get to basing and presenting entire units I’m going to have to make a flank company figure, an ensign, and an officer… and maybe a drummer…?

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

War or 1812 British Infantryman (41st Regiment of Foot) - modeled, moulded, cast and painted by yours truly…

…and the backside…

Well, obviously, I ain't no Perry Brother... but when there's a hundreds of them on the table in dense formation... who's going to notice?!

The militiamen I have didn’t turn out quite as bad – I should have a stand or two of those painted up shortly (of course they will be posted over at Analogue Hobbies first as part of the 2nd Annual Winter Painting Challenge

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have some more Great War Jocks on the workbench and ready for painting… but they may be eclipsed by these War or 1812 figures….

As mentioned I also have some sculpting to do (flank company figure, ensign, officer, drummer, etc…)?

Hey, I just realized it’s five years ago today that I started this blog… This is the 811th post.


  1. Nice work, all around, Tim. So, do you cast your own for economical reason - or just another fun thing to do? Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean. It's a little of Column A and a little of Coloumn B - I partly do it because I can and it's kind of fun, and partly because I have more time than disposable income. Not so say I'm "poor" or have "limitless time"... I mean I've apparently bought over 1600 miniatures this year and only painted 800... so I guess it's a bit more of the "because I can and it's kind of fun"...

  3. It is fun. There's soemthing satisfying about sculpting, casting and painting your own miniatures (even for those of us who are not Perry brothers. ha!)
    Looks good. And congrats on 5 years and 811 posts!

  4. Congrats on 5 years... can we have a post on your casting and moulding, please?? Do you have your own centrifuge??